Three summits in one day on Gran Canaria Island

Last week there was rain in the mountains in the centre and the north of the island. In the south it was warm and sunny like always. But this week no rain so I decided to go to the north to activate EA8-GC/024, /025 and /026. All not too difficult and can be activated in one day. My Canarian friend Carlos was with me and we both enjoyed a day out. The trail to the first summit is not really easy with loose stones and slippery grit. But it is a path with many flowering plants around. After about 40 minutes we reached the summit Amagro. Since there are no trees I had to put up a mast for the W3EDP antenna.
By collecting the rest of my station I found out that I had forgotten to bring my Palm Radio paddle with me. But lucky I have a back up for a lot of parts of my equipment, in this case my home made paperclip paddle designed by Verner LA5YNA.
No gold plated contacts but it works well. This day I made 24 QSO´s with this paddle, my KX1 with 3 W output and the W3EDP antenna. Four with USA and the rest with European stations.
I like to thank Lars SA4BLM, Richard N4EX and Sake PA0SKP for putting a Spot on SOTAwatch.


Begali Lightweight?

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Low cost. We have something in common Andy :grinning:

Is there a dual lever version of that available, even in blueprints? I think there is a market for such things.
Lovely work.
73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Dr OM Andrew,

Yes there is. Look at
73 de Geert EA8/PA7ZEE

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