Three in North Wales

We were very fortunate with the weather in North Wales over the weekend, so I have some nice (I think) pictures to share from Moel Siabod, Elidir Fawr (and Fach!) and Y Garn:

73, Simon

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Thanks Simon, For report,contacts & Photos.

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Superb images. Hope the fault with the FT817 can be


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Simon thanks for sharing these excellent photographs, makes me realise how lucky i was to be brought up in this part of the world.

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Superb photographs Simon. What did you use to take them?
Best wishes

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Very nice pictures, Simon.
Thanks for sharing them with us.
Best 73 de Guru - EA2IF

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What did you use to take them?

I’m betting he used a camera Mike.



Thank you all for your comments.

Cheapest of cheap Android phones, making use of the panorama and hdr facilities in the Jelly Bean camera app, plus a really ancient Lumix.

Yaesu reckon the FT-817 problem could just be the PA drivers self oscillating (so possibly easy fix) after the PA got smoked (it was delivered to me with a battery fault and died spectacularly when I tried to charge it!). I’m not sure how it knows to trigger “TX Error” in that case though, so a PLL glitch seems more likely. I hope it will behave itself for 3rd Backpackers, when I plan to operate from Mwdwl-eithin.

73, Simon

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Thanks for nice S2S OM Simon,
I was hiking Boboty in huge rain but below the top rain stops and next the sun came up. Nice SOTA day with six S2S: OK2BDF/P HB9TVK/P HB9BCB/P DK2MT/P YOU on GW/NW-010 and M0IML/P. Tnx to all who called me, I was here (gallery from 2013):

73, Igor OM3CUG G QRP club 5976 Home pages OM3CUG/QRP - Welcome!

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Thank you Igor - lovely pictures. There are some big cliffs on those mountains!

I was very glad when both you and Heinz found me for summit-to-summit. I was getting very few alerts because of a poor phone signal.

73, cuagn, Simon

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Nice to get you S2S twice in one day!

Lovely weather for it.

My pics from Moel Llyfnant and Arenig Fawr are here.


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Thanks Gerald - those are great. I see Moel Siabod looking a bit titchy with Snowdon and the Carneddau standing behind.

Till the next time, 73 - Simon