Thoughts - which batteries?

As you know were doing the GB0MAG mobile station on sunday. The radio we are using is my Alinco DJ-F1E 2m handheld with a pack mounted J-pole,

I have a small dilema - batteries!

I have a 12v 7Ahr SLAB, a 12v 800mah NiMH pack for the radio, and a 8.4v 4,000mah pack for the radio,

The dilema is which to take! We hope to get plenty of contacts but cannot guarentee it, and we’ll be operating from around 08:00 to about 18:00, ragchewing to be kept to a minimum

so, do I take the two NiMH packs and hope they last and the rate of calls isnt too fast, to save weight, or do I also take the SLAB, which is an extra 2.5kg but should last us out, and only one of the NiMHs on the radio (as backup)

Ive tried to do the numbers but my brains not good on maths


Hello OM G7MRV

You only pass over two SOTA Summits on the Lyke Wake Walk: TW-002 then TW-001 so if SOTA is your sole radio interest on the LWW my advice is don’t carry a SLAB, not on a 40 mile walk across notoriously difficult ground. You won’t have many calls anyway once you pass over Clay Bank and Round Hill TW-001 (Urra Moor). I for one will not be in a position to call you on the 2m band as I will be away that day and out of range.

I wish you well on what will be a gruelling walk.

Phil G4OBK (QTH Pickering)
SOTA Area Manager G/TW Region

I’m surprised you are worrying about a few ounces of batteries, when if you do the LWW “properly” :wink: you should carry a coffin.
G1INK in Gotha full of kebabs and beer.

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Well, we’ve decided to go with the NiMH’s. We dont expect the QSO rate to be high enough to justify the SLAB (besides - our ‘growler bags’ weigh almost as much!)

The weather is forecast to be reasonable, at least, its much much better than the abysmal conditions we did the Yorkshire three peaks in a couple of weeks back!!!