This is the story of an almost SOTA activation

I didn’t quite make it to Teutonia Peak (W6/CD-013) despite getting within 'spitting distance" but all was not lost as it was in the very beautiful Mojave Desert in the ever wonderful western USA and so it became a NPOTA activation. If interested in a few desert snaps and a short story read on at Almost Teutonia (W6/CD-013) and definitely Mojave National Preserve (PV13) – Paul Gacek


Hi Paul

I enjoyed the blog, thanks for posting. Time well spent despite the SOTA miss!

I like the National Park stamps, they remind me of Youth Hostel stamps collected the proper way (on foot) in my youth :smiley:

Are NP stamps just fun to collect, or are they linked to registering your presence in the park eg in case of emergency?
Academic, as I don’t think I’ll make it over there anytime soon, but just interested…



Thanks for reading the blog post and glad you enjoyed it.

The National Park stamps are purely a fun piece of memorabilia. From an emergency perspective in some areas we are encouraged to provide details of trips we are about to take on a backcountry board and beyond that I think its down to the hiker or friend/family member to ring the alarm bell if something is amiss.

Paul de W6PNG