Third NA<>EU S2S Event 18 Nov 17

Hi folks,

While we are on the subject of reminders, I would like to advise SOTA activators that the next NA <> EU HF S2S event is planned for Saturday 18 November 2017 from 13:00 to 17:00 UTC. This is based on the timing of the autumn event last year which produced some excellent S2S QSOs between North America and Europe.

The event is free and open to activators in the USA, Canada and Europe. Activators operating in past NA<> EU S2S events have achieved quite a number of S2S QSOs, mainly on 20m and 17m using both SSB and CW. The ability to run a little more than QRP levels of power has produced better results and this is again likely to be the case at this point in the solar cycle.

While it is recognised that local weather conditions may be a challenge in some areas as we approach winter, I hope that many will be able to participate in this planned international SOTA S2S event. Chasers are, as always, welcome to call participants in the event.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Gerald, I guess you have missed the inputs from our US cousins saying this date is not feasible due to the large US contest on that weekend. Proposals to move it forward to the 11th Nov have been suggested.

Hmm, looking at the DL2NBY Contest Calendar, there are more contests on the weekend of the 11th. than the 18th. Especially in Europe - the following are listed:

The WAE and OK-OM contests tend to be well supported.

This is all that are listed for the weekend of the 18th (note start times):

The REALLY BIG contest is the following weekend (25th.) that is the CQ WW DX CW contest.

To me the best choice appears to be the 18th. November still, when we only have the LZ DX to worry about.

The big ARRL Sweepstakes contest doesn’t begin until 2100Z on 18Nov so it is feasible to do the SOTA S2S earlier that day.

Barry N1EU

Quite right Andy, I have been “in and out” recently for well publicised reasons and the medication certainly hasn’t helped! I even posted an alert for the event on Sunday 19th November and it didn’t click.

I think that whatever date we choose we are bound to clash with some contest activity. The equivalent date last year was 19th and it seemed to work out okay.

Thanks for the input Barry - most helpful.

I guessed as much. As it was still far enough away for the date to be fluid there seemed little point to bother you. I did say in the other thread, the MT could pick the date but it’s better if the people doing the deeds pick a date. I’ll be out either date, one time in a T-shirt and shorts having fun as the African sun warms my bones and once in the old Damarts wishing there was some African sun shining in GM land :wink:


Hmm, who knows where Solar Cycle 24 is headed? You might be needing sun block on a GM summit in mid-November come the solar minimum some time around 2019 - 2020. The other thing you may need is a huge LiFePO4 battery and a linear to participate in these events in the coming years. Oh well, let’s hope that the sun is shining and we can “make hay” this year. It will be interesting to compare with last year’s results :slight_smile:

At the current rate webbed feet or chest waders more likely

Lots of activity in November no matter how you slice it. No solution is going to please everyone but it appears the 18th as your best option. I agree with Barry N1EU that its feasible for those of us in NA to still make the ARRL contest after the EU-NA S2S. Looking forward to another chance to make some S2S across the pond. Last year I had a small group of young hikers hovering over my position listening in awe as I worked various stations in the UK. Perhaps a few ham radio seeds were planted that day…
Mike NS1TA

So are we firm for the 18th then?

Bruce WB8OGK


Well a few of us have already alerted, so I hope so!

As per my comment on the “light at the end of the tunnel” thread, this date “could” coincide with a coronal hole (note CH NOT CME) which, acording to one theory, may bring better propagation conditions.

73 Ed.

Due to a change in arrangements made by other members of the family, it now seems likely that I will be on Hensbarrow Downs G/DC-008 as planned rather than the alternative of a GM summit. Funny how things have worked out in my favour for once. Although DC-008 is far less spectacular, at least I won’t have a 2 hour walk out in the dark. :slight_smile:

Hoping to manage G <> VE this time around.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Just a timing note directed toward EU activators. Sunrise on the east coast USA will be about 1200Z. Speaking for myself, I’ve got about an hour’s hike plus setup etc. So it’s hard to push it much earlier than 1400Z for many of us on this side who are hiking to a summit in rugged terrain (i.e., don’t want to hike in the dark).

73 Barry

Hi Barry,
Noted - we have exactly the same problem when trying for EU-VK contacts from Europe - Summits that require a cable car for part of the journey simply can’t be used as they only start at 9am local time. I’ll move my activation on the 18th. to a bit later but looking at MUF over the last few weeks, I don’t want to move it out too far as MUF drops off at around 1500 UTC very steeply. I have an over 2 hr drive back from my summit, so I don’t want to be too late away either (it’s dark already by 1530 UTC here at the moment).

73 Ed.

I will head up to northern Arizona and activate a summit on the 18th for this event if all goes well.

Last year I made five EU s2s contacts, so hopefully we can do at least that well again. Should to be on around 1400 with about 30 watts and the link dipole (maybe a two element yagi?) on 20 and 17M. Will also be on 15M.

I will be on CW mostly, but will look for SSB s2s stations also.

So “CQ EU s2s.”



Duly noted Barry. Hopefully a few early riser chasers will be able to provide a few trans-Atlantic contacts. I worked George N1GB on 20m as early as 1144z last month. As my choice of summit has a limited area for access (thankfully on the right side of the hill for NA) and is on a slope, I might put up an inverted vee rather than the vertical. Could be interesting. It will allow me to use 30m as well.

Hope to make it again this year Pete. I will have the 857D running around 30 - 40W and hopefully I will be able to spot from the chosen summit.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Last year’s event was absolutely brilliant - I achieved amazing numbers of S2S, NA DX and NA DX S2S in that activation.

Unfortunately, this time I have a gig - in Grimsby :scream: - so I’ve no chance of joining in. Have fun everyone.


Hope we can do it again this year also…I should be able to receive and send spots if all goes well.

Hoping for no snow up north…it’s been dry so far this fall. We shall see!

Will be looking ur way intently!



I’m in weather permitting. I’ll get on the air as early as I can, but there isn’t any way I can meet 1300.
73, Malcolm VE2DDZ