Thinking of trying a activation, W8M/LP-022

If the weather is good this next Saturday, I hope to be operating the ARRL 10 GHz and up contest, on Shauger Hill, W8M/LP-022. I may take a short yagi for 432/446FM MHz with me, and I think just a short vertical antenna for 2m, besides my stations for 10, 24, and 47 GHz.

Do you think anybody would want to work me with the limited station I would have on 2m and 432/446? I would only be checking 2m and 70cm from time to time when I’m not busy with the contest.

How hard is it to upload my log to this site so people would get credit for working me? I use LOTW, but I don’t believe the file formats are the same.

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You don’t need to work SOTA chasers to participate in SOTA. All your microwave QSOs would count provided your method of activation adheres to the rules of SOTA. Click here for guidelines.

Chasers get credit even if the activator doesn’t upload. And vice versa.
It is very easy to enter contacts using the sota database web interface.

Thanks for the input. I guess I can work who ever I do and they would get credit so maybe I’ll do that, and if I can figure out how to enter my contacts on this site I’ll do that too.

The first weekend of our contest, in August, I was operating from W8M/UP-045, Brockway Mountain, but at times I was only setup about 20 feet from our car (had to move to a different spot on the hill to get a clear view in the direction I was trying to work), so I don’t think that will work with the rules for SOTA.


The rules are left vague Mark so we don’t need special dispensations say for someone with a disability.

If the radio gear and your operating position was not in contact with the car then even if close it is probably legal. The simplest test is this: setup the radio and operating position then whilst operating the radio get someone to drive the car away. If you can continue operating without the car then it’s legal.

As for logging, there are lots of tools/websites that can take most standard logging program output and generate a file for SOTA. Have a look here and see if there is something that will do the job. As for what to log, just log it all.

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I don’t think it matters how near the car you are as long as you aren’t using it in any way. So it cannot be an antenna stand, a power source, a wind shelter or something to lean against (or sit in). Otherwise it is fine.

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Last month I was operating near the car, but not using it in any way to operate my stations. Thanks, maybe I’ll enter in the QSOs from that weekend and try and let people I worked know it would count for them it any of them are working SOTA.

All my QSOs last month from Brockway Mountain were on 10 and 24 GHz.

If you qualified it on either of those bands you could be the very first recipient of a Microwave Award for these bands (previous are mainly 23cm or 13cm)