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Think of this when you are chasing in a warm shack

Hi all,
Some pictures of our activity.
-14C, Sunny and no wind, but walking in 40cm of snow is heavy.
On NW-193 I put my 10mtr pole in the snow, no support needed. hihi.

**** PS Worked ZL1BYZ on 20mtr in Phone from DM/HE-509. ****

Greetings from XYL Jose and Hans DL/PA3FYG/p


Well done again Hans.That takes some effort to get to the summit and activation point
under those conditions and as you say we do not realize it sitting in our nice warm shacks and to top it all we haven’t seen snow in the West of UK this year,well not yet! Regards to the Jose.
Tnx for all the activation’s. Well done on the ZL1. 73/88 Don G0RQL.

Dr OM Hans,
I tried to work you today but no luck.
Shack here in EA8/GC warm and outside plus 20C means every few hours a swim :slight_smile:
73 de Geert EA8/PA7ZEE

There was some unexpected (ie nothing on the wx forecast) snowfall on Kinder Scout G/SP-001 this afternoon. Only light snow which made it all very picturesque! The flagged paths were almost impossible to walk on for the descent though!

One chased never responded with his call once. He called every time with his call sign twice and a report for me twice, causing considerable QRM to the station I had chosen to work from the pile up. He even did this when I was asking for partials or “/P?”

Suffice to say he kept slipping further and further back in the queue!


Mooie foto’s. Het zal wel erg zwaar geweest zijn. Het belangrijkste is dat je maar plezier hebt gehad. En weer wat extra winterbonus punten hebt :slight_smile:

73, Tonnie

Well done Hans (and Jose) on getting out despite the weather. When I saw you spotted, I listened but could not hear you (skip distance I guess).

Here’s hoping this cold spell ends soon!


Hello Hans
Excellent photo’s and as you say think of this when we are chasing, yes some do not realize the extremes that others go to, to activate summits…
Well Done you.
Cheers Ken G0FEX

Hans is out there doing it again today!!

Hopefully he has a nice warm car and room to go back to, to defrost!

Well done & thanks Hans, Ed.