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Things that we really don't need

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Surely you have inserted “don’t” in error Richard?

May I develop your thread by suggesting something along the lines of this to carry such things?
Edit - sorry I don’t know how to insert the teaser page as you have, so people will just have to follow the link

I did not know that yet … but I do not think the idea is bad. It is a good alternative to the solar panels. Especially because it uses water and wind.
Normally, our batteries are full and even if I make several summits a day, I charge my battery in the car on the way from one mountain to the other, if it’s necessery.

But there were times when I was out in nature for a week. (tent and kayak) … I might have needed something like that … if I had taken an electric device with me … but the kayak was always too full anyway … (especially because of the evening wine)

73 Armin

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How about this bag?

Do they do a Dyneema Composite Fabric version? That would save a lot of weight.