Things I never knew about my radios #1

I have an Alinco DJ-G7 2m/70cms/23cms handheld. I bought a few years as part of clearance deal… two DJ-G7 customer returns for £160 the pair, both with minor issues and incomplete accessories. I had one, Brian G4ZRP the other. His is a bit deaf on 2m (but we all have plenty of 2m FM radios) and mine has a dicky power button. It came with a manual, battery and drop in charger but no power lead. I found a plug that fitted the drop in charger and have used the to charge the battery. But the plug was short and would not work when plugged into the radio. No problem, the drop in charger works.

Preparing equipment for the forthcoming LD event, I found, much to my amazement that the DJ-G7 takes exactly the same plug as an FT-817/VX-170. Now I can use the same cables for the Alinco meaning I don’t have to worry about its battery lasting. I can’t believe I’ve owned this for over 5 years and never tried the 817 lead.

You learn something every day!

Hi Andy,
Such things reduce the parts count in your already huge travel bag!

I guess you have checked that the expected voltage into the Alinco is indeed 12v?

Commenting as a general caution to others - there is generally more to this than just the plug size and polarity.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

The same plug that fits that tri band Alinco also fits my VX-8 that I carry for APRS. So just one charging cable I have to carry.

If you ever find a manual that lists all the useful keys in that tri band Alinco that arent listed in the supplied user manual then send me a copy. After about 5 years I’m still finding undocumented key pushes that are really useful.


Tell me about it! I know how to change band, frequency, volume and power and that’s it.

4.5-16V on the external input.

Not really of use for SOTA but was pleased to find that a recently purchased IC-7610 has the same power plug/jack as my TS-480 SAT the latter being installed in my 4WD.

Saves having to drag out another power lead should I need the 76710 for a base camp radio.