They Call Sota, but they are not Sota

Pay attention:

Some italian station that are activating italian summits calls CQ SOTA but they are not actually activating a Sota official summit.

This because in italy there are two national diplomas:

  • WattxMiglio issued by Mountain QRP CLUB
  • Sotaitalia

The summits of these two diplomas are not the same of Sota officials one, but have the same naming patterns.

This lead a lot of confusion on air.
So when you hear an italian station calling “CQ Sota”, try to investigate if it’s a really sota summit.
A couple of day ago I’ve heard an Italian station calling continuosly CQ SOTA from a non sota summit

73 de in3aqk

You are right!
I use to call “CQ Sota italia” and passing reference as “sotaitalia I/TN-XYZ” when activating a summit that is only valid for national diploma but I heard other operators are not so rigorous and chasers are not always aware of the existence of Sotaitalia.
Unluckily the actual low number of official Sota summits in Italy lead us to look for fun somewhere else.

Let’s hope the new summit update will come soon, at least before next summer. :grin:

73 de IZ3GME Marco

I know very well the situation of our summits, especially in Trentino and Alto Adige.
Anyway imagine the frustration for a caser when he tried to insert your qso in the official sota database.

73 de in3aqk

Hi everybody! I’m David IZ1FUM ,Manager of Mountain Qrp Club with the program “Fm Montano”. After the last meeting 2016 with our managerial, we introduce in our site the term “SOTA” to offer the possibility to participate at Sota program, respecting the rule of Sota Uk. Our rule is dedicated at others programs as “Wattxmiglio” and “Fm Montano” which are not sota!. Therefore Mqc Club will continue with his Awards but when the members Mqc will are ready for the Sota activity, the rule with the summit list and the Reference will be of the Sota uk and not Mqc. This is an important clarification because Mqc Club is proper and loyal toward Sota uk. Best regards de IZ1FUM David

Davide, I’m not able to understand the meaning of you post reply, please review the sentence:

What does it mean?

Gentlemen, can I suggest that you write your posts to each other in Italian to avoid ambiguity. I assure you that It will not be taken as ill-mannered, those of us with no Italian can always use a translator program! :grinning:


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Although I understand the benefits of using the SOTA term in the name, I think naming a program Sotaitalia and using other summits and references can only bring frustration and confusion. Plus there is alot of work to establish and maintain a summit database, wich is already available feely from the SOTA team. Maybe having a local award scheme (with it’s own point and rewards system) that uses the same references as SOTA would be more beneficial ? This way there’s no confusion and people can participate in both schemes.

Razvan YO9IRF / M0HZH

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Ok thank you Brian and nice to meet you for the first time. I’m a friend of Mauro iz1vuc do you remember?
Now i reply to Paolo in Italian language: Ciao Paolo come va? Avrai letto che il mio inglese lascia un po’ a desiderare hi ma ho provato ugualmente a riportare quanto si è deciso con il Consiglio Direttivo del Mountain Qrp Club nell’ultima riunione di quest’anno. Sul sito noi inseriremo un piccolo spazio dedicato al Sota in modo tale che i nostri Soci conoscano la procedura corretta per fare un’attivazione Sota. Noi manterremo i Diplomi Wattxmiglio ed Fm Montano con il nostro regolamento. Ma in questo spazio dedicato al Sota puntualizzeremo che per partecipare ad un’attivazione Sota la linea corretta è fare riferimento al solo Regolamento del Sota Uk che ha una sua lista cime e referenze differenti dalle nostre. entrambi facciamo FM vhf in quota, io per lo piu’ nel programma a cui ho dato vita con il Direttivo Mqc : FM MONTANO. Nessuno pero’ mi vieta di partecipare al SOTA UK naturalmente rispettandone il regolamento in tutti i punti senza apportare modifiche. L’Fm è valida in tutto il mondo, la storia italiana tu ed io la conosciamo…purtroppo.
Solo questo per mettere a conoscenza collettiva che Mqc Club è si fedele custode dei suoi Diplomi ma allo stesso modo è altrettanto rispettoso nei confronti del Direttivo Sota uk.
Un abbraccio!
73 Davide IZ1FUM - Manager Fm Montano - Mqc Club

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