There is a god :-)

MI/EI7GEB/P on GI/MM-010

Been green with envy with people calling in and he’s just under the noise level :frowning:

THEN The radio gods smiled.
One’s noise level dropped for couple minutes. :wink:

CONTACT made :smile:

So happy
Be even happier if this one has a trig point.
Better still new WAB square for me J34.
One’s very first Irish WAB square

Joys of SOTA chasing :slight_smile:


I followed you, Karl, and had the same luck, the signal heaved up out of the noise long enough for an exchange! Its a good feeling!


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There’s definitely a concrete pillar on there Karl - you can see it on my website

Whether it is an official trig point or not I don’t recall.

If you like this “coming out of the noise” stuff Karl, then come and join the few of us that frequent 2m SSB. Would be great to have someone else besides Don G0RQL to work from the south-west. Probably manage to give you a new WAB square or two on my travels as well.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Flush bracket bench mark on Slieve Croob Triangulation Pillar.
The number of the bracket is OSNIBM 2075.
Although not levelled, the pillar is at about 534 metres above MSL.
See also [[4028879]] and [[4028870]].

This seems to be morphing into a trig point forum :worried:

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Yep, 2015 is my year of 2m ssb… Rob

Never been interested in UHF or owed a UHF radio
But one day would like to get on the 6m band
Have heard when it happens, it really happens and also be interesting on SOTA, when it does happen.