"Them times are a changing"

Please note when logging Alerts (always in UTC) - your planning of activations or cross continent contact events should take into account that the local times are about to change as follows:

March 11th. (US + Canada) clocks go FORWARD an hour.
March 25th. (Continental Europe and UK) clocks go FORWARD an hour.


April 1st. (Australia / New Zealand) clocks go BACK an hour (no this is not an April fools joke - A/NZ are going into Autumn).
Please note clocks DO NOT change in Queensland(UTC +10 all year), the Northern Territory(UTC +9.5 all year) or Western Australia(UTC +8 all year).

Japan stays at UTC + 9 hours all year long, they do not change their clocks.


Are they just lucky or are they simply and obviously smarter?
I’ve never understood this senseless time change back and forth and I don’t believe the energy savings story. It’s an absurd to me…


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The closer you are to the Equator, the less sense it makes.

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Since I’m living at 45 degrees latitude, that’s probably why I’ve never seen any advantage on this, just the contrary: a disadvantage in many cases.


Yes time changes are worthless, generates more mess than winning something.
We are happy here - EA8 - here is no doubt - always UTC 1:1

You rigth Guru, summer changes - I am here only for winter :sunglasses:

Not quite. In winter, EA8 time equals UTC, but in summer, their clocks will move one hour forward, as in all Spain, so EA8 will be UTC+1, while the rest of Spain will be UTC+2.


Western Australia has had a clock change thrust upon it four times, and then rejected it and gone back to not changing the clocks following popular votes on every occasion. You’d think that being told by a bunch of Aussies to take DST and shove it where the Sun don’t shine four times would be hint enough, but, apparently, there are still some drongos determined to try again…

I live near Petts Wood, where William Willett (who usually gets the blame for the introduction of DST on these shores) is something of a local hero. Personally, I’d rather burn his effigy on a bonfire.

…and once you get sufficiently close to the poles it doesn’t make much sense, either.

There’s also plenty of evidence that the clock changes have adverse effects on peoples’ health.

All in all, DST is a bad idea whose time should have passed long ago.

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DST vs non-DST, Icom vs Yaesu, vim vs emacs, people who enjoy inflaming opinions on the internet vs people who can’t help replying.

Only 92 more posts after this one before this dies out

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No DST in Arizona. :blush:

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Actually, the portion of the Navajo Nation that is located within the borders of Arizona DO observe DST. The last I checked, that still counts as Arizona.

Hawaii, as a State, can be just a bit more smug about their “total” superiority.

More than 97% of continental U.S. Americans have NOT opted out of DST, even though DST now spans 65% of the year. I don’t really have a problem with DST, but if you do - have your State opt out.

If we just pushed the time ahead half an hour, and left it there, could we stop worrying about this?

You know the old saying, “Only a fool would cut one end from a blanket and sew it to the other end thinking it is a longer blanket.”

Not a fan of DST.

WA is cursed by having the full coast line to themselves. Trust me DST when your sitting in Timber Creek and not Perth or Esperence feels like a very silly idea indeed!

I for one am a UTC and ISO8601 enthusiast so carry on! Also a huge fan of the Casio W-800H for $30 a pop it’s perfect to summit bashing and having the time “handy” in all the right formats. As a bonus for those UTC rollovers it even has an “on hour” alarm.

But it did create a job so policially doing this to blankets is a good thing for the economy…
So by extension DST must be as well :))