The Wiss, Turner Cleuch Law & Cacra Hill and KX2 report - 27th July 2016

I have just blogged a report of my Scottish Borders activations last Wednesday.

I also added a short write up on how I am finding the Elecraft KX2 transceiver which I now use for SOTA.

SS-122 SS-140 SS-179 Activation report

73 Phil G(M)4OBK


Great report Phil, I like the look of the new KX2. Elecraft are building some good radios at the moment. It’s a shame we have to drive 400 miles to reach any new hills, but I too enjoy doing unique mountains.

Great write up Phil on the activation’s and the new rig. I like to comment re the money value changing as a reason to get the rig now, must try that on the xyl. You are so lucky and so is your dog to be allowed to go activating with you, the farmers here would frown upon taking the dog on their land. I still have my old kx3 rig and I can’t get over how nice they sound on receive with ear buds in on a summit, such a low noise floor in the rx, and the full break in switches so quickly and quietly sometimes i can hear my own signal milli seconds after the side tone.
Ian vk5cz …

Re: Phil G4OBK
Nice report! Saddish that you have given away the MTR3B, hi.

Re: Ian VK5CZ
"… I can hear my own signal milli seconds after the side tone"
Really? That looks to me like some kind of audio effect (AFX MD) or audio artefact (caused by the KX3 or the grey cells, hi)?

BTW, still everything ok with your vineyard?

Hi Phil, enjoyed the report. I’m getting withdrawal here so I’ll have to arrange another GM trip.
Good to see you’re enjoying your new KX2. I made my first contact on mine yesterday when I worked Michael DB7MM from my back garden on 500mW :smile:
What is it with Elecraft owners that compels them to quote their serial number ??
Steve G1INK KX2 # 355 :joy:

Don’t do what i done today after reducing the power at home to adjust the vox setting for my headset before deploying. I then spent all day afternoon calling CQ with 1w from the KX3.


You were workable S2S from Bogrie Hill however. Not loud but workable though mainly because I had no man made noise. But I have done the same as you, turned the power down for some reason and failed to notice on the next activation. I think I did a whole activation on 30m CW at the 1W level.