The VHF Baby-yagi, in

since my friend EA2BSB and myself started doing homebrewing equipment and testing homemade antennas, we decided to build a website to publish our experiments and share them with the Ham community.

We have just posted one antenna that is performing fine and is appropriate for Sota, the “Baby-yagi”

In this page you can find the full article with a detailed building and testing description. And it’s in english down the page…!

Hope you enjoy. Feel free to download and give it a try.

We’ll update the page in our free time to add antennas for HF soon.

Take care in the summits and hope to catch soon S2S Baby-2-Baby-yagi ;o)

Ignacio EA2BD

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Thank you Ignacio! This is great information for those who would like to have a better directional antenna on 2 meters but dont want to haul a big beam. I cant wait to try this out!


Article has been updated with spell corrections.
Thanks Colin G8TMV for your help!

Ignacio EA2BD

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The backpack 2 elements antenna according OK1CDJ

73 Miro OM7SM

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Congratulations for the web page. Very nice.
73s de Angel EA2ECG / M0HDF

In reply to both:

Thanks Miro and Angel for your kind words, I’ll try keeping the page growing with more articles and sharing.

And thanks my sota mate Santi EA2BSB for doing so well with the web administration!

73 Ignacio EA2BD