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The uBitX is now a kit

About 8 months ago, shortly after the BitX40 SMD kits were released, Farhan posted schematics and details of a multi-band double conversion HF transceiver designed around the same principals of simplicity and ease of construction that made the original BitX20 so popular among home brewers and experimenters. It was called the uBitX and it is now available as a single board ‘kit’ with SMD parts pre-soldered and torroids pre-wound. A test run will be available until Christmas at $109 US.

The uBitX is good for 80-10m SSB/CW, and will put out 10W on the lower bands. Not the best rig in the world, but something fun to build, very hackable, and nothing to cry over if it gets wrecked on an expedition.

More details can be found at the new HFsignals website (not hfsigs.com): http://www.hfsignals.com/index.php/ubitx/

Groups.io support group: https://groups.io/g/BITX20/topics


Known me, I would get it, instead of the IRF-510’s I would throw 520’s or 530’s in to try and get more power and blow something up. :laughing:


Let us know how you go!!


No need. The PA stage already has a separate power supply input.
Connect 24V or more to that input and you’ll get plenty of grunt.

Gerard - VK2IO

Well, looks like this was so popular that the inventory has all been spoken for. Pre-orders are available for shipping in the new year, still $109 shipped.

I totally forgot about ordering a kit until the VE6 SOTA locals had a get together this morning. Ordered now and will wait to have fun. Hopefully will be a pleasant change to carting my KX-2 around.