The Traditionnal Park of Mercantour Tour

Hello SOTA and WFF friends.
Soon our traditionnal: 5 summits a day.

2010: F/AM-256-242-264-258 - Mercantour - YouTube

2011: Parc du Mercantour - YouTube

2012: National Park of Mercantour - 2012 - YouTube

2013: in the first week of july. We are waiting the best day for it. looking weather. This Year we will be 3 SOTAGoats: F6HBI - F5HTR - F5LKW of course.
Everyone who wants to come with us, is welcome. But need training before climbing.
Let you watch this topic later because more info soon.
73 QRO

Activation summits:

F/AM-242: Mont Pépoiri (2674 m - 8773 ft)
F/AM-256: Cîme des Lauses (2640 m - 8661 ft)
F/AM-264: Cîme du Belletz (2600 m - 8530 ft)
F/AM-258: Caïre Archas (2632 m - 8635 ft)
F/AM-280: Mont Archas (2526 m)

Hi to all !
Our mountains pilgrimage is planned now ! We expect a good weather on 3rd of july, or 4th of july.
This is the 4th edition of this Mercantour tour ! My brother (F5LKW) and I, call it : the “Tour Tour” !!!
Well ! further informations now :

OPS : F6HBI/p our leader of french SOTA
F5LKW/p a young goat of french SOTA
F5HTR/p a forty decadent man !!!

Exclusive CW !

Will bring 2 stations in case of changing plan up there. We will mostly operationnal on 10 MHz an 14 MHz.

This “Tour Tour” is about 20 km long, with big slope. All this summits are over 2500 m.
we will give further informations those next day. And for sure Roger, F5LKW will create a nice film ! Once more!!
best 73 to all
Robert (F5HTR)

In reply to F5HTR:
Still on NORMANDY !!! Arrived in Embrun near 10th !!!
May be next time, I’ll listen to you from shack ;-(
F5UBH “Tof”

In reply to F5UBH:
Tof !
May be we can meet us for a trip after 10th july because i’ll go to Briançon for the World Summits Day record ! If you are ready, let’s go … of course depending timetable and weather.

2012: Briançon SOTA Tour - YouTube


In reply to F5LKW:
Yes We Can !!!
I’ll tell you by email when and how…
Bye Good Tour…

Dear friends, dear chaser,
We plan the Mercantour tour on next wednesday 3rd of July.
The weather seems for us. Big anticyclone on France this period.

Well as you already know we will have to climb and walk five summits !
we will operate only few station each. about 10 stations.

so hope to listen you soon, each summits are 10 points in task !

73 robert

In reply to F5HTR:
As bob says: 10 QSO per op. We are 3 op.

73 QRO

In reply to F5LKW:
WX seems not too good (keep our finger crossed…

In reply to F5LKW:
Hi all,
The D day is tomorrow 03/07/2013.
I put an alert for each summit (Call FRENCH/TOUR).
The order of the summit may change, depending on the conditions (WX, snow, legs!!!). The time given is approx, and the bands (10mhz, 7mhz, 14mhz) will depend of time and propag. The team is F5LKW Roger, F5HTR Bob and F6HBI Gerald. Each operator will have at least, 10 qso from each summit.
Hope to meet you all…follow us on Aprs F5LKW-7
73’s from F/AM…

In reply to F6HBI:
Hi guys !
In few minutes i drive to Mercatour.
You can follow me via aprs f5lkw-9 and later -7
73 QRO

Hi to all,
Once again, We gonna activate the famous Park du Mercantour next days.
On thursday 2 july, F6HBI/P an me F5HTR/P gonna work from F/AM-256, F/AM-242, F/AM-264, F/AM-258 et F/AM-280 !
All this summits are over 2500 m.

the weather seems to be good, so hope to see you soon on all band ! 144.500-FM, 50-CW or SSB, 28.062-CW, 14.062-cw 10.122 & 7 MHz
Best 73

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We’ve done it Bob with Roger LKW… On 28th July… Don’t find your trace on the rock lol !!!
See you soon !!
Thanks all chaser especially on F/AM-264 for my MG !!! :wink:
Waiting next year for another SOTA trip in F/AM ;-(

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