The things we do

To G4SSH from GT0OOO/p
The following text message was recd from John at 0930z

"I am now at parking place for GD-002 (IOM) Driving rain, wind and fog
The End to End mountain bike Island race is due to come down this track
shortly and I will be walking up it for the next 2 hours and the road will be
closed until noon.

If conditions remain like this at the summit I will not be staying long.
Wind speed is bad enough here and it is just 11 degrees C.
There is no shelter at the summit, only a trig point.
Am waiting out the Wx for a while.
John (GD4YSS)

Setting up.
QRV 1035z 3557-CW then 3760-ssb


Thanks for the update Roy - I cannot see this being a pleasant activation for John and the Mountain Bike race (if he can see it) won’t help progress. One good thing about GD-002 there is a sturdy pole to fix his antenna support to. I will standby on 3557 - we should hear him.

73 Phil

Website for this race - looks like a brilliant event!

73 Phil

I’m also standing by on 3557. I’ve already heard Phil warming up the ether.

Several Gs wkg John on 3557 now - he is threatening to try 160m on request later… I said “yes but only if wx is OK”. We’ll see!

73 Phil

My bit of wet string isn’t great on top band but if he’s on and I see the spot I’ll have a go.