The squidy pole

Wonderful things till they break :rage:

The problem with the damn things is the poles sliding in at speed and weight and cracking the bottom cup as i did did last month.

It broke the bottom cap and left me thinking :grimacing:

Why not find some leather belt cut hole in it big enough to sit inside the base of the Pole and then tape it off with isolation tape across top and down sides a good 5cm. Good reason for this north to south and east to west. THEN wrap around above the bulge of the remains of the broken cap more tape holding down that first tape you put on. Reason behind this is because your support peg is 50mm holes making base too thick with tape stops it going through the hoops of the support stand.

Whole idea of this even with an unbroken bottom cap is fill that little void at bottom of your squid pole with saylike some thin cork , leather etc this will cushion the dropping of the poles when it does happen as it does. there,s a 4mm gap in mine enough to place some damping field LOL.

What i used in mine was two rings or circles of 40mm Dia flash band roofing stuff and glued it together for my cushion and repair job. Now me poles no longer fall out the bottom of me squid pole effective repair and possible future of less chance of breakage in future .

Also the top bug is well not to clever is it. So wrapped a bit of isolation tape around that on its bung section of the rubber to expand it enough to get a better tighter fit so it not just drop out on you and loose the damn thing.

Bingo me squid pole is back in action.


I have a small pad of foam rubber glued inside the cap on mine.

I think “squid pole” is Australian, in this country they are sold as “roach poles” and have other names in the USA according to location. It can get confusing!


True Brian :wink:
I like using squid pole term. But a simple addition can prevent so many future problems as i have found out having to do my repair job. But end of day if when buy another one i will be packing the bottom cup out with foam etc

Roach pole NAH boring#

Squid pole :heart_eyes:


Hi Karl

Pictures of my ‘pole’ as prepared for SOTA activations.I use my pole as a walking stick and bog probe :slight_smile:

Bung in place

Bung safe device

Bottom of pole…Washing machine detergent dispenser/measure

Washing machine detergent dispenser/measure…I think it was from Persil?

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I dig the M4 nylock nut and bolt, very professional. I pushed the cord through the cap with a screwdriver and tied it in a knot around an M4 washer on the inside. Not as pretty but it must at least 5 grams less that yours. :wink:


Like it, good one but that bottom bit be to big for me loops on me fishing pole stand. But love the idea of the top bit you have done, looks like having to do that myself.

Thanks for sharing .


You’re doing it wrong then.

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I wrap mine in gaffer tape at the bottom to protect the base. Interesting idea Allan.


When the base on mine broke, I saved the threaded ring that remained, and gaffer taped a thick plastic bottle top onto it.
This has lasted well, and means that I can still unscrew the end and take the pole apart to dry out :smiley:

Titanium, I trust :wink:


Now that is probably another gram that can be saved!

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Its essential that this is done. I just fully extend it and wipe it dry with a cloth back at the car. When I get home I then collapse it and use my sisters hair dryer on a modest setting to finish the process.

The art of pole maintenance !


Can you expand on that? I’ve never bothered, and am not aware of anything bad having happened as a consequence. If it’s really wet I’ll leave it upside down with the bung out to drain but no more than that.

I also tape up the base as a precaution against damage. This does mean that I can’t routinely dismantle the pole.


The reason I do it is to prevent the pole freezing up on the next activation. I’m far more relaxed about it in the summer, as I don’t think water will damage the pole…


The issue is with the inside of the sections themselves. The outside is gel coated so it protects itself well from water ingress. The inside is the open side of the composite material which isn’t coated. If you do not dry your pole properly the water will absorb through and split the fiber layers apart over time.

Hot air works well I have found and I don’t need to pull the base apart again. The worst thing that can happen is if you get grit or dirt down it.


Done mine now, no bolt required bit of small Kalevala wire taped to pole and other bit passes through the bug with knot inside BUT a metal washer inside to spread the load on that thin rubber in inside the top bung. Can,t loose the bloody thing now :relaxed:

And the Bottom pole fits through the fishing stand hoops again.


PS some marvelous ideas being shared here folks.
Thanks again.


Make sure you don’t loose the pole now…it has happened :smile:

73 Allan


So mine does. It costed me 14 €
Current price seen last Saturday at the local Decathlon is 15 €.

Such cost makes all our especial cares pretty senseless, although I admit that after several activations giving us good service, one starts feeling some sort of :heart_eyes: for it.

But the truth is that one activation and the 15 € cost of the pole is far amortised. We often spend more tan that just in fuel.
What after +200 or 300 activations…?

Best 73 de Guru

What section is that under please as got my fishing stand via them.

PS no worries found it and no decent 8m poles :frowning:


Hi Karl,
As you have found already, they are in the fishing section but 7m are the longest they’ve got.
Some time ago, in other city’s Decathlon at the Spanish West coast they showed me one off which reached 8m long, but it required an additional section to be fitted at the bottom of the other telescopic ones and I didn’t like that at all because it required carrying 2 tubes for a SOTA activation: the single bottom section and the regular telescopic ones, so I didn’t buy it.
It isn’t worth it for just one more meter than the regular 7m one.
I have never seen this anymore at that Decathlon in the coast or the local one in Pamplona.
I’m now convinced that, for the GP antenna I like using a 7m pole is better than 8m.
Best 73,


Local supplier in Syndey, Australia: