The SOTA 500

Looks like a three horse race. Norby is closest - just over 30 to go. However his Uniques rate seems to have dropped recently; . Is he tiring? Can he keep up his lead? Odds being offered now are 3 to 1.

Steve INKy has 41 to go but has a holiday planned in Germany that could see a sudden surge for the finish line - if his trainer does not nobble him with German beers in the evenings. Odds on favourite is Steve at 2 to 1.

Coming up fast on the outside is dark horse Bill WSB who is galloping up the table at a tremendous pace, leaving all and sundry in his wake. He is still well behind but cannot be written off even at this late stage. Odds on Bill are 10 to 1 and reducing.

And now for the rest…

After early leads Robin GM7PKT and I have reverted to a leisurely canter and are out of the running; 30 to 1.

The strong team of 4MD/OIG are still jockeying for position but have slackened the reins after looking like possible winners earlier in the race. 40:1.

DJ3AX and DC0OCZ have pulled up early with no sign of movement since March; the vet has been called. 100:1. HB9BAB is cantering and will be overtaken by old campaigner HB9AFI but is not really in the running for the winner’s enclosure; both 100:1.



Not even mentioned in despatches. :frowning:

Although, really, there is no need to mention ANYONE other than Steve and Norby. It will be one of them that claims the first certificate for this threshold.

Much more interesting is the long-term (arguably ‘lifetime project’) to get the trophy. A race that is still in its relatively early stages after 10 years of SOTA!


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Richard was over exposed to some of my dataming I think Tom! :wink:

OT: Who has stolen the sun? Sunny, 25C yesterday, cloudy, 11C today?


We have.

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We have.

Well give it back… the forecast is for snow tomorrow when I’m off out to the edge of the Cairngorms.


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They broke the sky too yesterday afternoon! You will need your winter woolies for the activation to stay warm!

I musn’t be unkind to Tom as he has taken on the mantle of fairy godmother! I have never been so glad to hear the measured tones (and slightly flattened vowels) that are Tom on a microphone - fourth contact after nearly an hour of trying. So frustrated I nearly broke out the key!!!

Barry GM4TOE

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I saw there was a geostorm on this morning. I almost stayed in bed. Just across from the Cairnwell, hence endstop 3G signal. NO103807 should be there in 40mins.

Andy, MM0FMF/P
An Socach slopes

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Looks like a three horse race.

Ahem, objection in the most strongest terms! Obviously you’ve been watching too much Channel 4 racing Richard. SOTA is non-competitive and you as one of the originators of the scheme know it. Shame on you for suggesting otherwise. :-)(mandatory smiley to show I’m not that peeved)

The strong team of 4MD/OIG are still jockeying for position but have slackened the reins after looking like possible winners earlier in the race. 40:1.

The only truth there Richard is that the team is strong. We remain focused and are discussing many possible courses that SOTA might take us after we have completed the Lakes summits. The prime directive for us continues to be to have an entirely new experience each and every time we go out.

I know your post was a bit of fun. All I have to say is that it doesn’t reflect reality for me or for Paul and hopefully not for others either. :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG