The Return of SOTA

My first SOTA activation since 4th January should happen tomorrow!

In keeping with the current lockdown rules, I will walk from home to The Cloud G/SP-015 - and back again! The round trip is probably around 30km but I’ve not worked that out properly yet.

I’ll just be taking a VHF handheld, and the walk will also serve as a “recce” ahead of my “Walk to Work” challenge 10 days later. This will be the first half of that walk.

In my “March the Month” challenge, today I passed through 300,000 steps, and beyond £750 in the essential fundraising for Prostate Cancer UK.

I’ve chosen a more quirky photo than usual for today’s blog entry (see link below). Marianne, Liam and I did Lockdown Walk 38 from my website.


This is when you know that SOTA is really back…


ETA 1330z approx.

Shares in Baxters just went through the floor…


Don’t forget the Rennies!

I remember the Two Rennies.


The Return of SOTA went fabulously well. It was a beautiful day in Cheshire, perfect for a long walk.

Which is what it was. Ten miles each way from home, following public footpaths, customary routes and canal towpaths. I’ve walked from home to The Cloud before, and indeed from The Cloud to home, but never both in the same day, until now!

The summit was busy though, and I’m pretty sure I was the only one that had strictly observed current “Stay at Home” rules and not nibbled at the boundaries of the “short drive to open space” thing. Still, when the Association Manager is watching and scrutinising your every move, what can you do?

Anyway, a pleasing 19 QSOs made with the handheld. 5 on C4FM and 14 on FM. S2S with Simon G4TJC/P on Kinder Scout G/SP-001 - he had also walked from home.

Another 40,000 steps recorded for my March the Month campaign, which has now raised over £800 for Prostate Cancer UK.


Well done! :slight_smile:

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Hello Tom, thanks for the great photos. Your looking well, you should be pleases with your results.
Take care and stay safe.

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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Hi Tom. Thanks for the report with beautiful photos!


Thank you Vlad @RX9WT

And now…

The return of SOTA webpage updates!

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Hi Tom, I’m sorry I missed you the other day-I heard others talking to you ie. Simon TJC on Kinder (he was 59 with me), but you were barely breaking squelch with me. Funny that, as we’ve had many QSOs from the Cloud. Ho hum, all part of the magic of radio! Good to (not) hearing you on the hill again! 73s John. PS- great report & pics!


Thanks Tom, nice report. I particularly enjoyed trying to work out the route you took looking at a map and the pictures. Not quite as good as going on a walk but I still enjoy maps. The nearest SOTA summits from here are just a bit too far or difficult to get there and back in one day on foot (for me). Good luck with your next challenge. Paul

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Nice one Paul @G4IPB . I too love spending hours getting immersed in OS 1:25000 mapping! The actual route is the same as the home QTH to G/SP-015 part of my walk-to-work stunt planned for the early hours of next Wednesday morning:

It displays best if you have a subscription (or a 7 day free trial) and can select the OS Leisure maps view.

The only other summit I could feasibly do as a walk from home and back, is Shining Tor G/SP-004 - which I do indeed intend to do in the next few days. These two are still full day strenuous efforts though, not exactly on my doorstep - but two is better than none at all!

John @G0MHF - I’m amazed we didn’t make the QSO. We have worked so many times with me on that summit with that handheld! I can only imagine I was sat down while working Simon S2S, and by the time I stood up to operate, you had given up trying to RX me - in which case I apologise.

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No worries, Tom-tomorrow is another day, as someone once said, I’ll catch you again.
I’ll have a trip to S Tor myself, later, as there’s no sign of Wales opening up for weeks/months. 73s John

Another one day. Walking from home to G/SP-004. Estimated 120-150 minutes to go…

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I don’t know what happened there Tom. You were right across the board on 450 then you just disapeared never to be heard again. lol

I have a theory …

Great to work you Tom ( S2S) from NP-032 today


Craig 2e0vrx/p 73

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Hi Allen,

Stations came up on 450 underneath me, so I QSYd.