The rain in Spain

I activated Siete Picos (EA4/MD-010, 2138 m, close to Madrid) this afternoon but had to give up after 14 QSOs. My apologies to anyone who wanted to work this summit. The weather was awful with rain, wind, fog… You can see what it looked like at the operating position here


As you can see I’m trying to look happy but it didn’t really work out well. Sometimes you wonder why you do this :wink:

73’s Anders EA4/SM0HPL/P

In reply to SM0HPL:

well. Sometimes you wonder why you do this :wink:

Well I do not make SOTA activations in similar weather conditions. There are other sports that you can do when it is raining or you can operate from your home station too without /P :wink:

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

In reply to SM0HPL:

Hi Anders,

I don’t know if you are staying/living in Madrid, but Siete Picos is not an easy place, specially with bad weather. Sometimes it can be dangerous too.

Here in Madrid and surroundings, we have a group of EA4’s that use to activate quite often summits, not only for SOTA but for the Spanish “Vertices Geodesicos” award.
Sometimes the same summit is valid for both.

If you want to contact us, please leave a message.

73 and better weather next time !!!

Moises. EA4MZ. (moi2002 at gmail dot com)