The quick ones

hi all,
in addition to my regular activations in that i spent a longer time on the
summits,i will do some quick ones in the next weeks at weekdays after or before
work. mostly from summits i activated more times this year. so it´s not about
the points,only for my own fun and play with qsk and fast qso style.also i can offer a bit more activity at weekdays/evenings.
qrg´s in that order :

14315-10118-7032-3558 qrp only ,qsk ,with small rig but 80m longwire in the trees.
please fast qso´s . its also for my own , too see whats possible in a short
so i can offer a few summits at weekdays , but only locals and no uniques.
just for fun.
at mornings i will also do 40m-ssb,but not as a qrp in the evening.

thanks all takers today.made 42qso´s in a quick 26min activation,including long calls on 20m-ssb by bad conditions and tune the antenna to the other band was 40m-cw with 24qso´s in 13min including the wait for last calls.

hope cuagn on the next sprints.after these ones i have also time enough to
make a short running by the summits…

vy 73 Klaus

p.s. again please…to give your call one time in the beginning is enough :wink:

In reply to DF2GN:

Hi Klaus,

thanks for the points in the past, you
kicked me on Sunday over the magic
10.000 CW chaser points :slight_smile:

Yes I like quickies too :wink:

vy 73, Heinz, DL7RAG