The perils of travel


Very nice! LOL at the pudding!

What app did you use to for tracks (the image just before “As luck would have it no sooner”)?

I use products and have the premium service which lets me sync trips etc between devices via the cloud and also create trips on an iPad/iphone.

I think its a fabulous product and one small price gives me access to very detailed and usable maps across US and EU (and probably elsewhere).


Ill have to check it out.

Note that you can make a free account on too, to check out their stuff before you buy.
I use a free Android App (OSM Tracker) to record my tracks, then export them to .gpx
These tracks can then be viewed on, the result looks like this

(track for EA6/MA-042, from my recent trip to Mallorca)
73 - Luc, ON7DQ/KF0CR