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The perils of THAT DX cluster

Sorry to anyone who tried to chase my activation on 7 MHz this afternoon towards the end. BD7PUZ made himself very popular by spotting on 7.118 MHz whilst I was activating. Unfortunately most of Europe couldn’t hear him or me it seems…

The cluster has its uses I am sure, but more often then not It seems to cause a complete mess. I could not work out who was calling who in mid QSO with a G station.

Rant over, thanks for all the contacts today.


Hi Jonathan,
Thanks for the summit today. I got back home about 130pm so glad to catch you and a few others. I have worked Zhi on a couple of bands and he has always a big signal. Not sure what the power rules are in China but you are right he had quite a few spots within EU so I guess someone was hearing him and not you ~~ propagation I suppose.
Best wishes and good luck 2016+
Night night.
==================snip from DX Cluster=============================
SV2LLQ BD7PUZ 7118 73 MXMAS 1557z 23 Dec

F1RHS BD7PUZ 7118 CQ 1555z 23 Dec

SV3EXU BD7PUZ 7118 1547z 23 Dec

R7CR BD7PUZ 7118 tnx QSO 1539z 23 Dec

DW3TRZ BD7PUZ 7118 59 booming 1534z 23 Dec

YB8RW BD7PUZ 3795 tnx qso strong signal 1503z 23 Dec

KK6ZM BD7PUZ 3795 LOUD stateside 1457z 23 Dec

SM3M BD7PUZ 3795 Booming signal! 1453z 23 Dec

W6LC BD7PUZ 3795 S-7 CQDX 1450z 23 Dec

IZ4UFD BD7PUZ 21257 5/9 zhi 73 ciao 1016z 23 Dec

EA8TL BD7PUZ 21257 LP 1012z 23 Dec

PA2LO BD7PUZ 21257 op. Zhang 1010z 23 Dec

DO7BR BD7PUZ 21263 73 0914z 23 Dec

DO7DSV BD7PUZ 21263 59 0903z 23 Dec

DO4MM BD7PUZ 21263 TNX 5/5 73 0828z 23 Dec

Interesting, I could just about hear him on Rhialgwm.


Morning Jonathan,

Yes it is interesting. My best dx on 40M has been Chile, CE3EEA. I thought at first I had misheard thinking it was a CU station and then the penny dropped :wink: Those who worked Zhi on 40M from EU must have been very pleased - I would!

Have a good hols.