The perfect place

for a SOTA-Activation :slight_smile:

Picture taken today on Gamsstein OE/OO-270. Thanks for the 61 QSO’s.

73 Martin, OE5REO


Much better than being sat in the office writing dual mode IPv4/IPv6 code…

I know there is even a wooden bench near the summit cross. So a great spot indeed :slight_smile:

73 Joe

As the summit is known to be very crowded (also on weekdays) and the cows are still in the lower parts of the alpine pasture I chose this place a bit further down which luckily was just within the 25m activation zone :slight_smile:

Great place (I like the picture) and quite good propagation today. Tnx fer QSO on 2m and 20m, Martin. On the picture I can not see your pole guying hardware in action.


but it was in action … i think you can’t see it on the photo because my smartphone has a really bad camera built in.