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The Myarth SW-035

Sadly things have not gone quite to plan. On my preferred date, the estate do not want lots of people up there but they are willing to let one person ascend (at least I think they are - TBC). Thus it will be a rather low-key activation after all. Sorry to those that contacted me.




You didn’t mention who that one person was going to be? Can it be me please? Or are you going to draw the callsign out of the hat?


In reply to M1EYP:

Not sure whether you’ll get consent to go with Richard, but if you do you’ll have to borrow the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter. Doesn’t one person mean Richard, person, singular? Anyway, I thought that you came as a pair Tom. You don’t think Jimmy will let you go there without him do you?

73, Gerald

Right on all counts Gerald. I was only joking :wink: