The IO83 Effect

This morning I revisited a stunt of many years past - to activate both The Cloud G/SP-015 and Gun G/SP-013 on the way to work*.

[*Note - this was trivial if work was a gig somewhere in the North of England, but is more of a challenge to pull off if working a full day as a maths teacher!]

Anyway, the IO83 effect did not let me down. Both summits activated with a handheld and rubber duck on 2m FM:

G/SP-015: 3 QSOs, 0632-0637z

G/SP-013: 5 QSOs, 0727-0732z


Me and my big mouth. I spoke too soon.

On the way to work this morning:

G/SP-015: 1 QSO
G/SP-013: 2 QSOs

There was quite a big net on in the Midlands but either they couldn’t hear my 2m FM handheld or they weren’t leaving big enough gaps between overs for me to get in.

Either way, the IO83 effect is no more. IO82 is where it’s at.

You have omitted a third possibility.


No I haven’t. Neither you nor him were on frequency.

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Logic fail alert.

A slight improvement this morning.

Still just the early-rising Peter @2E0LKC (my all-time top chaser) worked from The Cloud G/SP-015, but then a bumper crop of three QSOs on the Grumpy Old Man’s 7am net from Gun G/SP-013.

Neither effort would qualify an activation of course, but that hasn’t been the object of the game on these hills for nearly a year…

Hear you every morning Tom but obviously you can’t hear me

I work everyone I hear calling Allen. I have successfully worked you with the handheld from these summits in recent weeks, so maybe conditions were up when I did?

Good fun just now. 17 minutes operating with my handheld and rubber duck, 14 contacts. Easy.


Cannot do that cos I am 11 years retired, but I did recently add to the “scores on the doors” of my last 2 SP summits. Cloud 31, Gun 31 qso’s.
I quite liked the view from the Cloud, non too impressed with the Gun. Unlikely I will be back, the road traffic was horrendus at 0900.

Regards and have fun