The In Pin

Congratulations to Adrian MM0DHY/p for successfully activating Sgurr Dearg- The Inaccessible Pinnacle GM/SI-002.

Im sure everyone would agree that this is a fantastic achievement.

Well done and thanks for letting me get the 1st call in to this summit.


In reply to 2M0ETR:

Sadly I missed this activation, but having worked Adrian before, I know that he is more than capable of activating some pretty tricky summits.

Congratulations Adrian, I am sorry I was not able to give you a S2S contact this time.

Our last S2S was on 60m shortly before 7:10 in this video of my windy tent on G/SP-011 during last years International SOTA weekend.

Congratulations & 73,

Mark G0VOF

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Im sure everyone would agree that this is a fantastic achievement.

Well done indeed Adrian. I look forward to hearing how you got on!



Congratulations Adrian on activating GM/SI-002. I look forward to meeting up with you this summer.

Jimmy M3EYP

Well done Adrian.
Sorry I missed you. I did remember to listen but I ended up RAYNETing in Glen Etive. I kept a listen out on 145.5 but couldn’t hear anything deep in the Glen.
Hope you had the same WX up there yesterday as we had.


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A cracking activation !!!

the pinnacle of his SOTA career ?

oooooooooooooh nooooo…

Well done,


In reply to 2M0ETR:
Well done indeed Adrian! I look forward to the climb and activation report.

If no-one else does it first, I’ll add the facts into the Wikipedia article for the summit.
We are of course now happily deprived of our bad weather substitute - the fantasy activation due to the In Pin now being a SOTA factual activation :- Hiking in the mountains: tips for beginner hikers - Mountain Day

Was it a local FM only affair Adrian as one would expect?

Congratulations again.

David 2E0DAI

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As an ex rock climber I would be very interested to know what route Adrian used to climb the Inn Pin and how he used the very restricted space on the summit, which is not much bigger than a dining table! I wonder what the constant stream of rock climbers ticking this summit off their list made of this activation!


Brian G8ADD

Thanks to all for the congratulations.

Adrian (2M0ETR two Adrian’s very confusing!) good to work you, the first contact from the Inn Pin!

Robin sorry not to have managed to work you. I beamed south several times and gave out a lot of calls but you were obviously not in a good place.

Mark I did deploy the 60m dipole on the top, draping it rather than pegging it out! The SWR was a bit high, sadly no contacts. I once had a contact with Robin on 60m with the dipole on the ground so thought I might be lucky but sadly no.

Brian we went up the “normal” route, a moderate rock climb. I lead up to E3 so this was no worry but climbing with a rucksack and SOTA pole with rucksack antenna attached was interesting!

A full activation report will follow when I have a little more time.



In reply to MM0DHY:

… climbing with a rucksack and SOTA pole with rucksack antenna attached was interesting!

Congratulations Adrian on your achievement. Having had my SOTA pole stuck under overhanging rocks on a number of scramble sections on ascents, I can appreciate the heightened risk factor involved by carrying the kit. I have considered one of the multi-section travelling fishing poles that telescope down to around 450mm for such terrain, but really need to see one before making a purchase. Unfortunately the local fishing emporium don’t stock them.

73, Gerald

To Adrian MM0DHY/p,

A truly remarkable and memorable achievement. Well done to Adrian!
John G4YSS.