The Germans are back - on 4 metres that is.

Germany on 70 MHz in 2019

German radio amateurs may operate from their home with all modes in the frequency segment 70.150 to 70.200 MHz from now (19 december) until the end of 2019 with max. 25 W PEP, max. bandwidth 12 kHz, horizontal antenna.

In 2018 access was granted only from May until end of August within 70.150 to 70.180 MHz. The fact that this is now a full year allocation puts 4 metres in the same category as 6 metres in Germany - allocated on a year to year basis.

We have a little more band width now but it’s not neccessarily in the “usual” places used on 4m so please try to activate within the German avialble band for us DL chasers. (no portable operation allowed on 4 metres or 6 metres in Germany, so we can only be chasers).

73 Ed DD5LP.

Technical details:
FIXED station only (no portable or mobile operation allowed).
Frequency 70.150MHz - 70.200MHz
Modes: All modes allowed.
Maximum bandwidth: 12 kHz
Maximum power output: 25 Watt ERP
Antenna polarisation: horizontal
Basis: Secondary user of the band / Non-interfering + no protection from other services interfering with the Amateur.
Licence: Only class A (Full) licensees are allowed to use the band.
Log of all transmissions to be kept including date/time, frequency, mode, power and antenna direction, call sign of the other station and signature of the station operator.
Remote controlled stations not allowed.
Use of a callsign in operation on other bands not allowed concurrently with operation on this band.
Maximum allowed power ONLY to be used when essential to make contact or as part of experimental tests.

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