The FRI match.

I am preparing to be able to activate on Top Band (160m) and whilst looking for the best design for an ATU I came across the FRI Match, a development of the Z-Match. Some hams who have built it claim that it will match just about anything, although the originator, PA0FRI made no such claim. Has anyone tried the FRI-Match out for SOTA?

I homebrewed a frimatch before buying a MFJ949 at a rally. The frimatch was easier to tune, but I was windy of it taking 100W with regular broadcast 365x2 caps.

I felt the FRImatch had a lower match range, which perhaps explains why it was easier to use. And of course having only two knobs rather than three is one less degree of freedom. I still use it for QRP and WSPR, but only down to 80m