The first activation point

Yesterday I managed to receive my very first activation point.

To start with an easy summit, I had chosen DL/BE-094, only a one-point summit.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide nice panaroma pictures, because the summit is in the middle of a forest.
Here it is:

The summit was not too hard to reach. So I had more time for the QSOs, and I had much fun with it.
I finished with 21 entries in the log, spread over 3 bands.

Thanks to all the chasers who answered to my CQ call. I already got some nice eQSL-Cards!

Now I am looking forward for the next summits!

73 from Robert, DL4ROB


Lovely to catch you on air yesterday
Well done on your first, may there be many more


Nice to hear you 20m ,thanks for the point & new unique. welcome to SOTA

Hallo Rob,

Congrats on the first activation. Irschenhausen (DL/BE-094) was where I used the DD5LP callsign for the first time in April last year! If you live in the Irschenhausen area another, very similar summit is Berndorfer Buchet between Pähl and Tutzing DL/AM-180, then there’s Peissenberg DL/AM-001 which is a really easy summit with some great views, in fact AM-176, 177 & 178 near to AM-001 are also easy summits but really worth the short walks.Sorry I didn’t catch you on the air as that would have given me Irschenhausen as a “complete”.

By the way I write a blog entry with pictures (sometimes videos) of all my SOTA activations - you can check out some background information on the summits I mention above and others at
(don’t worry that it reroutes you to - that’s me as wel).

I see from the picture you used a vertical antenna - is this a commercial antenna or self built?

73 & hope to bump into you on a summit some day - it does happen, especially in summer.

Alles Gute und Tscheuss Ed DD5LP.

Hello Ed,

thanks a lot for the link to your blog. It is really nice.

So it seems that Irschenhausen is the place were it all begun…

The antenna is a commercial one, The name is HF-P1, I bought it on the Hamradio last year.
It fits into the small bag, which you can see on the left side on my blanket.
In the shown configuration, it works from 10m to 40m without antenna tuner, by adjusting the length of the central coil.
With other configurations, 80m, 6m, 2m and 70cm are also possible.
For the adjustment, I usually use a cross needle power meter, in order to minimize the SWR.

Maybe it is time to spend some words on the rest of my equipment:

  • FT817
  • Antenna HF.-P1, as mentioned above
  • 4 external LiFePo batteries, with 10Ah (OK, a little bit oversized)
  • no CW paddle yet ( I am still in the Koch levels)

Hope to hear you soon on SOTA!

Robert, DL4ROB

Here is the award status after the first activation :smile:

So the best thing is to start the next activation, DL/AM-180.

Thanks for all the chasers!

73 de Robert, DL4ROB

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Nice one rob :smiley:

Glad to catch you on DL/AM-180 the other day :sunglasses:

Keep a climbing and we keep a chasing you :smirk:



Congrats on your first summit, got my first a couple days ago. Nice photos from the site. Great that you made lots of contacts, and even better that you had fun. Wish I’d been doing this a long time. Get to be outside and play radio.

73, and good luck

Mike, N4VBV

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Looks like a great for a Picnic too.
S.O.T.A., CW, a Sack Lunch, what else could a Ham want?