The Cheviot and Housedon Hill

Blog reports of last weeks activation in the Scottish Borders can be found on the following links:

73 Phil G4OBK

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Most interesting reports Phil. When I saw your route for The Cheviot I was keen to read your comment on the descent route. Seems you agree with my view… and I am still getting ear-ache for dragging the family down that way, even though it was almost 20 years ago! Needless to say that when I activated the summit, I returned over Scald Hill despite the boggy conditions en route.

VHF from Houseden is a real challenge. I had to resort to FM with the beam lashed to the pole in unaccustomed vertical polarisation mode and pointed at Edinburgh in order to qualify the summit. I didn’t have the luxury of HF at the time. It is possible to work out from the summit on SSB with reasonable results if you can get spotted. :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Yes, both Nick and I should have returned the same way we went up, but where I can if there is time, I like to do a circular walk if possible. It was so dry last week we landed on top of the Cheviot with clean boots. It was the return walk down the stream bed of the Harthope Burn and the muddy banks where we regretted not wearing gaiters. I guess they should have heard us in Edinburgh from Housedon Hill even with the low power if anyone had been listening, just glad we had some HF gear with us so as to qualify!

Thanks for your interest,


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A quite nice circular walk that includes The Cheviot is to follow the PROW from the Harthope parking over to Goldscleuch. From there head for Dunsdale and from there join the main PROW up the College valley up to Red Cribs. Next you can follow the Pennine way past the Auchope cairn to The Cheviot to activate. Descent can then follow the conventional route via Scald Hill to the parking. Some amazing fly agaric toadstools between Goldscleuch and Red Cribs.

However I am surprised that you did not find the descent via Scotsman’s Knowe to meet the Harthope PROW spectacular. Some of the bright red shattered and degraded andesite banks of the Harthope I find amazing. The Harthope Linn may not compare with some, but is still attractive.
73 Jim G0CQK

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Clean boots and The Cheviot? Wow! I remember spectacular boggyness on the way up and the top was astounding. Easy with the stone paths now but it must have been fun in the past.

I need to do it again as it was nice walk but rubbish weather. It was so windy at the summit it wasn’t really fun and it turned into a bit of a smash and grab.


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I think when I activated The Cheviot I did the same route Phil (I say “I think” as although I have only activated it the once I’ve been up it a few more times via various routes), I know I have been down the valley a couple of times on descent(obviously I didn’t learn the first time)

Hedgehope Hill is a fantastic wee hill, Comb Fell however is an utter bogfest - for those fancying the high level loop around the head of the valley, just don’t say I didn’t warn you…but Hedgehog hill is really nice.

Iain, MM3WJZ