The blue frame around the avatar

I wonder what the blue frame seen sometimes around some of the avatars mean.
Looking at some of my recently posted activations reports, I find instances like this one with no blue frame around my avatar:

But some other times my avatar wears this cool blue frame around:

Can someone say what this is for and why it’s on sometimes and not some other times?

Thanks and 73,


I think it is something to do with showing who was the last person to post in the thread.

Hi Andy,
I’m afraid neither your approach nor mine are right
I’ve been the last person to post in the thread Saisie SOTA update V13.4, so according to your theory, my avatar should have the blue frame but it doesn’t.

My theory was that my avatar gets the blue frame when someone has responded to me on a thread. but you have responded to me on this thread and my avatar doesn’t show the blue frame.

We’ll have to keep observing and figure out…



Now I’ve got the blue frame!

So, it’s being after my response to your response when the blue frame appeared.

The post author is always the first avatar. The last poster is always the last avatar. Except when he author is the last poster, when you get the blue frame.

Something like that, anyway

Hi Andrew,
After your post, the blue frame around my avatar has gone.
See the screenshot:

And I gyess it will come back after I had posted this.

Let’s see…

Exactly, as expected.

Well, we’ve got the mystery solved :slight_smile:


The blue frame appears when you are the last poster on one of your own threads.