The Big Three

A few pictures from yesterdays ramble. A rather nice day out, around 19.5 km of walking as per Rogers (MW0IDX) route on the mapping project. 17m is still rather poor though, fingers crossed propagation will improve on the higher bands for the upcoming months.

It was busy on Snowdon, I set up at the back of the summit, pestered by numerous people to start with. Once the headphones go on, they don’t tend to bother you with the usual Joe public styled questions !

They kept Hafod Eryri open until 1745, which was good, as it allowed me to grab a coffee and pasty before moving on to NW-008.

Visibility was superb, for once !

Yr Aran Smell of burnt fuel and oil, no ground clean up yet, but as expected they have removed the burnt-out helicopter.

Yr Aran, starting summit viewed from Snowdon.

Y Lliwedd from Snowdon, shear drop on one side.

A number of chasers did work me on all three summits - well done !



Thanks again for all three on 60m, Jonathan.

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Well done on the trio Jonathan. An excellent achievement and one which no doubt required a walk out in rapidly decreasing light conditions. I gave a thought to you packing up one Y Lliwedd and shuddered as I remembered looking over the edge - the downside of a VHF / UHF activation on that one.

Thanks for the two. Pity I missed you on the first.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Its worth remembering that the sheer drop on the north side has been a climbers playground since Queen Victoria was on the throne - that is hallowed ground that the pioneering rock climbers did their finest work on and some of their routes would challenge the present generation of skilled climbers! Each to his own…


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Hi Jonathan

Thanks for the first two summits yesterday especially Snowdon on 17m…a change from 2m :slight_smile: Glad to see that the iron pole on Yr Aran is still there after the heli crash…ready for the fishing pole next year :slight_smile:

73 Allan GW4VPX

Great route Jonathan. It might be 19km, but that’s NOT the whole story… lots and lots of ascent in that 19km too!

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Thanks. Hoping to get near Ogwen very soon. I was in twilight packing up, some scrambling in the dark to then reach the Watkin path which I subsequently overshot to start with. GPS came to the rescue to bring me back onto it. All good fun. I wasn’t as quick as last time. 17m held me up a bit on Snowdon.

I didn’t stay too long on Yr Aran, thats partly due to wanting to carry on and get up Snowdon, Its very temping to do other bands.

At least the paths are good, which makes ascending easy, I actually prefer climbing than descending on foot. I did see the rescue helicopter around there on Saturday.

Anyway I think I owe a trip back up to LD to get to High Rise as promised…

Thanks for the report Jonathan, especially the pictures of Yr Aran. Let’s hope it is less malodorous soon!

That’s very brave of you to run on 60m from NW-001 whilst the trains are still running, bringing the crowds to the summit. I’m surprised you can squeeze anything in around them! I think I’ll save my next visit for the winter :slight_smile:

My thought was that if I did these as a trio, Yr Aran would be the last one. I’d have done Y Lliwedd first in the light, Having low luminance myopia doesn’t help.

It’s the reverse for me. I always say that I’ll see a lot of the back of my walking companion on the way up and he’ll see a lot on mine on the way down. :wink: