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That's odd


Seen this morning…

Just what I need time going backwards :smile:

When I was watching the JA spots and chasing this morning around that time I went to check a summit reference someone was on but it took me into the world wide summit list for one station then the next station it worked normally and went to the summit information page for the summit reference I highlighted.
No big deal just a few gremlins I guess.
Ian vk5cz …

The 4th of May listed before 30th of April is the problem… Sorting of dates broken?

73 Joe

Many of the great breakthroughs in electronic innovation over the last 50 years have originated in Japan. Do we now have the world’s first fully functioning tardis?


I think alerts at 0000 have had some curious attributes for a while now. I usually make it 0001.

I was thinking that the weird here was running AM om 2m and 70cm? Or is this normal in other parts of the world?

That’s what you get when time goes backwards :smile:


There is a significant interest in vintage radios in Japan from the 60s/70s that were 1W AM on say 6m or 2m. All the big Japanese manufacturers were selling such sets before their products became available in Europe.

I remember seeing a Trio/Kenwood TR1000 6m AM rig that was so old it was +ve earth for use in cars of the time.


TR1000 6m AM