That wasn't in the script.

Hmmm… after not being in Europe since Nov 2019 I was concerned if I’d ever make it to FN. Some of my regular crew are now SK (and I still cannot believe that), others were feeling that being quite elderly meant they didn’t have enough minutes to waste them queuing at airports, the hotel we have used since 2000 has gone bust and I managed to lose my driving licence 20 days before I needed to hire a car in Geneva!

So we have an AirBNB a short way outside FN but the saving over the hotel means we can spend the difference on taxis and not worry about being 10km away. The UK DVLA replaced my licence in 3 working days. Though the postman put into next door’s mail and they popped in to me before they went on vacation for 2 weeks!

The news is full of problems at UK airports and I didn’t want to consider the trauma at the airports and I didn’t tempt fate by checking my flight but did get an email titled “About your flight” I thought it was cancelled but no everything was go. I got to the airport and was told I was too late (3hrs before gate closed) to drop off luggage… my heart stopped but it was because I was too early. 30mins later sorted. Security was trivial though questions were asked about the FT817 rubber duck and that was when I realised I hadn’t packed a handy (buy a new one!!!). I even saw my case get loaded on to the plane and it arrived with me.

Yesterday it was a bit hot and so there was lots of rain later and some thunder. But it dried enough for a smash and grab on Chasseral HB/BE-104. I was short of time so it was a quick blast on 20cw.

This morning biblical amounts of rain fell. No problem as when I wrote I was complete bagging in HB/SO I got a mail from Rene HB9NBG inviting me to call in. I did and the rains fell and fell. I received the most delightful welcome from Rene and Carine and they even had amazing chocolate for me to have with my coffee. I worked a few chasers using Rene’s station then I had to leave as they interrupted their work to make me their guest and I could not waste more of their time. But that was a really lovely bonus to this trip, Rene & Carine: thank you.

I was off and quickly at Ensingen and then a combo of Google Maps, Orux Maps and the car GPS I got to the car park for Roggenflue HB/SO-012. It was about 25mins sweaty climb up to the top. On with the OK brand trapped EFHW. 20 and 30 were full of interference but 40 was OK. 9 on CW and 1 on SSB then time to move on. I was above the cloud remnents and it was misty but hot. Packed away and 7km drive to Hoechi Flue Hb/SO-013. I was on a roll and was at the top in not time.

WHere is the feeder Andy? I checked and checked and there was no feeder. Booger! It’s at Roggenflue. Well maybe. If someone climbed it they may wonder what the feeder was and keep it. No this is Switzerland, it will be left clearly on show the rightful owner can collect it or taken to the police. I did a mad dash down the hill, drove back to Ensingen and up the hill and then ran up the summit, again, and my cable was on the ground.

Ooooh did I swear. I had to get it or the purpose of this trip, activate Altberg would be lost.

So today’s tally is 3 summits climbed, 1 summit operated and activated, 1 complete. I was going to go and grab something tonight (HB/AG-011 I think) but I have decided that meat and beer is the order of the day now.

It would have been a miserable day if I hadn’t spent time with Rene and Carine this morning. Now for beer…


Just looked at the map to find where you are - northern HB. I love Switzerland but it is expensive for us poor Brits! I was there about 4 years ago and had to withdraw cash from an ATM. The smallest notes it dispensed were CHF50, about £40, I soon found out why you needed them when I started shopping!

Just over the border in SW Germany there is cluster of what look like very easy 10 point summits. I’m tempted by them but I suspect they may all seem alike, the view from one forested summit looks just like the view from another. :slight_smile:

Yes it’s not cheap. After so long with covid etc. I wrangled and considered the prices. Then thought I’ll be a long time dead and now am having as lovely Thai curry :slight_smile:


When I saw HB/ before your call sign I was unsure if it was you at first Andy, so I followed you relentlessly to the frequencies Thinking I would be able to hear you but alas for me anyway the bands were dead to me over here I couldn’t even hear the usual Spanish station. Anyway have a good time and most of all enjoy yourself.
Best 73


Hi Andy

While sitting on GM/SS-244 you were booming into the UK on Rene’s 1kw station, impressive!!

Check your inbox for an audio recording of Central EU Andy to Scotland.


Sounds good even if it’s only me. K4 + PA + proper mic and Rene has spent some time setting up the station.

Nice one Andy. You’ve reprimanded me for similar such sloppiness many times before. This post accordingly causes me immense satisfaction. Have a great trip mate!

K4….you dog!!

It’s always good to reward oneself from time to time, hi.

Enjoy and cu at the show,
73, Markus HB9DIZ

No, they are all smaller or larger beauties, even those few in a forest. It depends on the eyes of the observer.

73, Markus HB9DIZ