Thanks to SOTA: Meeting new friends on summit HB/LU-025

Dear all

It’s always good to make new friends from time to time!

This Sunday was a peaceful day, and we decided on completing it with an activation just nearby my home town Lucerne. I am collecting at present the active HB/LU summits of the corresponding state Lucerne with the callsign HB9LU of our Radioclub of Lucerne, and HB/LU-025 behind Schwarzenberg would be an easy one for this purpose.

I had just called in my partner to end the activation when I got aware that we were not alone:

A small herd of young cows - and I knew that they can be very curious. And yes, two minutes later we met in real. The antenna, the SOTA backpack and me with these funny radio tools on the lap – I was obviously the attraction of the day for them.

Two other hikers had shown up now, about 100 m ahead. The chief cow suddenly noticed them and run away to greet them, and within a few seconds only the small herd had left us. Time now to put the SOTA gear in order, to leave the summit and to escape from the upcoming rain, down back to Schwarzenberg for some coffee and cake.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


That’s quite a gathering of new friends there Markus! Thanks for the qso and yes it’s nice to see DX opening up again for us.

Vy 73,
Gary K3TCU

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