Thanks to Richard G4TGJ on G/NP-008 Today

I just wanted to say a big thanks to Richard G4TGJ for Climbing up Great Whernside G/NP-008 today.

Today 14th July is my 61st Birthday and Richard gave me 6 points from the summit on 2m FM this morning , which gave me 2000 chaser points overall and I am now a Double “Shack Sloth”. Yippee

:clap: :vulcan_salute: Tnx again Richard

Best 73 Tony


You are welcome Tony. I had a great 3 hours on the summit. Happy birthday again.

73 Richard

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Next target should be “CW Sloth” then.

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I wish :upside_down_face:

I have now sorted out my Next Targets. As I am now a very semi retired Activator, I need to concentrate on helping Fellow activators by being a better and more active Chaser!

So I now after studying my Unique Summit Chaser Log I need the below Association Regions to target for completion:

G/LD Summits 14 out of 55 left to complete!
G/NP Summits 11 out of 29 left to complete!
G/SP Summits 1 out of 16 left to complete! ( G/SP-014 Longridge Fell )

Will be scouring the alerts to ensure I reach my targets.

From there I then have aspirations to go for GW/NW & G/WB but these will be after the completion of above! Unless I accidentally complete without trying :wink:


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Which ones do you need?

Hi Richard,

list below:

NP-002, NP-003, NP-013, NP-014, NP-018, NP-019, NP-020, NP-024, NP-026, NP-027, NP-029

Looking the summit info, NP-014 Rogans Seat is one of the least activated at 59 times, I take it its because of this quote info below?

"The gamekeeper reminded me that this is on private land and while he is tollerent to us activating, he would appreciate it if we could AVOID nesting season April - June, as disturbed birds tend to abandon their eggs."

NP-026 Kisdon is the other at 57 times ??

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I activated Rogan’s Seat and Kisdon earlier this year to avoid the nesting season. They aren’t the most exciting hills to do and, being in Swaledale, fairly remote. Out of your list I’ve done all of those that I am likely to do this year, although Sharp Haw is only a short drive away so I might do it again. Are you only on 2m? We might struggle but I can do 40m CW. I could also try 40m SSB with the FT817 but I rarely do that but perhaps it’s time I tried it again.

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Hi Richard,

Its really good of you to think about helping, I am always aware that targets are a challenge and I know I have missed a lot of these Summits in the past.

I was QRT for nigh on 18 months last year due to ill health, so only recently returned and am using SOTA to get me back running.
I have a dual band collinear (not quite high enough yet) and am in the process of building a EFHW Long wire using a 9:1 UnUn at the feed point (I had great success with the last one). I have to wait for my Brother in Law to assist with antenna Installation ,so should be up and running by next week.

I am not CW trained and not likely to be now, but 60m thro to 10m SSB and 2m/70cm FM from home.

I have 40m to 17m ssb qrp from summits or high spots locally along with 2m SSB (3 element beam)?

I have my next planned activities at the weekend 29th-30th July on WB-015 & WB-004?

Thanks for thinking of helping, any help to achieve would be good, but I am happy to not panic too much.


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I’ve done all the local summits this year so I am revisiting them to get S2S, try out new antennas or just enjoy playing radio without worrying about getting too cold or wet. On HF I only do CW with my homebrew rigs but keep thinking I need to try SSB again so a visit to Sharp Haw would certainly fit that. I’m not sure when though!

73 Richard


I will certainly keep an eye and a ear out for you when you go Richard, Thanks again for your help

The Closest SOTA Summit to Home is G/SP-017 Billinge Hill, I don’t like it at all, its “Grotty” in my honest opinion

G/SP-015 is next closest (but will need permission off Tom to access :wink:

Cheers, Tony


Sorry I just missed your birthday Tony when I did a rather unheralded activation of Great Coum (G/NP-011) the next day - and presumably you had also chased it before, but thank you for answering my call so promptly. I was only using 5w on a Yaesu VX7 with (almost) a Diamond RH770 telescopic antenna. We had driven up from the Welsh Borders and had dinner booked in Dent so time was short and I needed some speedy replies and I was not convinced that anyone would hear me although I knew M0JLA had posted an alert - and, probably, a spot when he reached Calf Top (G/NP-022) on the other side of the valley (and our car). We hoped I just had time to chase Calf Top as I needed it for a complete (and many other NP summits) and only chase from other summits (ie it has to be a s2s) using either 2m or 70cm. If possible, I also wanted to get the necessary 4 contacts on 2m - and, if really lucky, on 70cm as well. In the 16 minutes I was calling after talking to you I contacted 5 people on 2m and 3 on 70cm, so combined with the M0JLA/P contacts I was home and dry - and we got to the pub in time! Unfortunately the drizzle and low cloud (honestly!) at Dent on Friday 16th meant that we had to abort a similar plan involving Wild Boar Fell and Baugh Fell and head towards Ripon for a 3 day stay. This meant that we came home yesterday (Monday 18th) when a further expedition was vaguely planned but the forecast (and the car thermometer which rose to 37C) scuppered all thoughts of any deviation from the ‘get home quickly and safely’ idea.

Why the ‘(almost) RH 770’? Well I was very pleased with it and had some good results so it was in the sac pocket for our (few) activations on Mull and so was expanded and attached to the VX7 (first mistake) as soon as we arrived in strong winds and rain on Beinn Bhuidhe (GM/SI-106). I sat down (2nd) and fished out a log then reached for the radio which seemed to be reluctant to move so I tugged slightly (3rd and final) as the radio and aerial pulled free from underneath me (!) and the top 2 sections were at a bit of an angle! They stayed attached long enough for me to push them upright and gain 3 contacts but snapped on putting away. I had been warned…! We have a spare but I feel that is too precious at present so have fashioned a little rubber band knob for the end and have found that there appears to be no SWR problem and I can still make contacts (but probably not at such a distance) as long as I pull out all the sections still available. Possibly this is taking ‘reuse/re-cycle’ a bit too far but so far all seems well.

Best of luck with the completes - that is what I’m after as well.
73 Viki M6BWA

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Hi Viki,

well done on the activities you did do. I apologise again, at the time of getting you on 2m, I didn’t have 70cms functioning , as my Elecraft only goes to 2m since I fitted the module, I knew my FT3d with its own Rubber duck would not make it on 70cms to that distance.

If you are planning to get NP Land complete with S2S only , then I can tag along as a Chaser to give you one contact?

Cheers Tony

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NP-002, Mickle Fell
My closest hill - but requires a permit from the MOD. Maybe next year… ( Not a pleasant walk when I did it )

NP-003, Burnhope Seat
I will activate this one again I’m sure - It is only an hour from getting in the car here to operating on the summit. Might try one of the UKAC sessions on VHF. Q) Can you do VHF?

NP-013, The Calf - Dis it earlier this year and will probably do it agin next. Nice walk- Did it with Yarlside (NP-019) but the legs were aching on the way down!

NP-014. Rogans Seat - Competed twice in the last 12 months. No access issues, and was waved at (nicely) by one of the gamekeepers. Not the most interesting walk - mostly beaters tracks.

NP-018, Nine Standards
Boggy but nice views - will repeat but have done it once this year

NP-019 - see The Calf NP-013

NP-020, - Cold Fell - Possibly Friday (!) depending on the wx. Watch for the alert! Let me know what band(s) work for you!

NP-024, - Hoove - Another regular - completed this year will do again next year

NP-026 - Kisdon nearly did this last week after Great Shunner - but will probably do it this summer. Bit rubbish on VHF.

NP-027, Dufton Pike. Really nice walk for 1 point - will repeat!

NP-029 Sharp haw - still on my to do list so hopefully this summer.

At the moment I have only done HF SSB & 2m FM - I can do (badly) but don’t enjoy CW but if push came to shove…


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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the offer of help again, in answer to you couple of questions, Firstly Yes I can do VHF 2m FM from home, secondly if doing NP-020 This Friday I can do 2m FM, with a possibility of HF 60m to 10 if my brother in law can attend before Friday??

I will certainly do the same for you as Richard and Viki and any others “Will have my eyes and ears pinned as often as possible” in between Hospital and GP Appointments :roll_eyes:


Congratulations. I achieved the minor milestone of “half sloth” over the weekend when my chasing points went over 500.

I shall keep plugging away! :slight_smile:


Another big thanks this time to Andy G8CPZ, who activated G/SP-014 Longridge Fell today!

I grabbed him on 2m FM before he went on to HF!

He helped me to complete all of the G/SP Summits as both an Activator and a Chaser!!