Thanks to Chris ON6ZQ!

Not an activation report as such, not time to write that as I am in the pub in Creetown where The Wickerman was filmed - juke box, pool table, 2 dart boards and footy on the TV all on the go at the same time, full of locals! Large glass of Merlot £4.50, pint of Coors Lager £3.20. No complaints there…

Just to thank Chris for calling me on CW today when I was on operating on GM/SS-245 White Top of Culreaoch (Great name!). At the time after a good run to USA and EU on 20m CW I was on 40m SSB suffering QRM somewhere around 7125 I think - we worked on CW after Chris called me on the key, and following Chris on the key was PA0INA, PA0SKP, F5JKK and EA2LU. Thanks guys - a beautiful flow of well known callsigns in just a few minutes, I admire your intuition, it saved me time establishing another frequency so I could get on my 3rd summit before nightfall.

Active again tomorrow on 2 summits before returning back to the English Chaser QTH.

73 Phil