Thanks to chasers for my FIRST summit activation

Today I activated my first SOTA summit in G/TW-004. I activated under my uk callsign of G8GLM/P.
Thanks to Mike g6tuh, Steve g6luz, Andy g8mia, Don g0rql, Mick m0mda, Ken gm0axy, Ken g3xqe, Steven m6wsb and David m3xie for the contacts on 40m ssb. These contacts were made despite stations tuning up on the frequency as well as QRM from across the chanel. Unfortunately I was unable to make any 2m FM contacts but G4ASA came by for an eyeball qso.

I am planning to activate 2 or possibly 3 DL summits next week under the cal DK/VK2JI. Hope to work more chasers then.
73 Ed G8GLM / VK2JI

In reply to VK2JI:

Hi Ed.

Glad to have worked you on your first activation despite the tuning, QRM and poor band conditions. I look forward to some possible QSOs when you visit Germany next week if conditions allow.

73 de Mick M0MDA

In reply to VK2JI:

Hi Ed;

Glad to oblige on your first activation.
Please also use 20m from DL as 40 has been atrocious for a few weeks now, most of my Eu contacts have been on 20m whereas normally they would be on 40m.

Enjoy your holiday.

73 de Ken G3XQE

In reply to VK2JI:
Good work Ed. You’ve broken the seal on your SOTA activator log, now to fill up the pages! I’m sure you will be an enthusiastic activator! Dare I suggest you include some CW contacts too? have fun
73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

In reply to VK2JI:
Hello Ed, thanks for the contact. Odds were against you with the QRM and propagation being not so good but you seem to have enjoyed yourself 8)
Best wishes
Mike G6TUH

Thanks for the contact on your first sota activation,will be looking for you on the DL trip.
As Ken said if possible give 20mtrs a go from DL,not so much qrm.73 Don.G0RQL.

In reply to VK2JI:
Hi Ed
Pleasure to help out yesterday.
Will listen for you in DL land next week.

In reply to G6LUZ:

It was good to put a face to the call Ed when we met at Friedrichshafen. Glad to hear you succeeded with a G activation and I hope things go well for you in DL.

Steve, G6LUZ: I got your report OK on HB/AI-001 but the QSB took you away to nothing in a short time.


In reply to MM0FMF:
Ok Andy thanks
Steve G6Luz

OK on the comments re 20m - my (very simple) set-up can do 20m as well. Present plans will be Jenner near Berchtesgaden and the Zugspitze plus possibly one more DL summit or possibly an OE one. I’ll post an alert once I have dates / times locked in.
73 VK2JI.

In reply to VK2JI:
the Jenner activation underlined the problem with 40m QRM - I am going to make the Zugspitze activation 20m (ssb) only this Saturday. See the alerts page for details.

Hoping to add another association next Wednesday by activating Hohe Salve in Austria. Depending oh how I go on Saturday with 20m I may make that one 20m as well.

73 Ed DL/VK2JI