Thanks SOTA chasers. Thanks to you, I got my third mountain goat. 3000 activator points.!
And many thanks to my girlfriend Iratxe, EA2DNO for sharing this hobby with me. We will continue…

73 de EA2DCA :smile::v:


Congratulations Alberto! Great achiviement!


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Impresionante ese 3 x Mountain Goat!
Ha sido un placer todas y cada una de las 56 veces que hemos realizado un QSO SOTA.
Espero seguir anotando SOTA QSOs contigo durante mucho tiempo.


Impressive that 3 x Mountain Goat!
It’s been a pleasure all and each of the 56 times we’ve made a SOTA QSO.
I hope to keep logging SOTA QSOs with you over a long time.



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Congratulations Alberto!

I feel jealous seeing you in the snow! I am thinking of going out soon after this!
You and Iraxte are a very steady SOTA COUPLE!!!Go on walking ( climbing)!!!

73, Christos.

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Awesome! Congratulations!
Fabio, IK2LEY

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Congratulations Alberto!!

You have continuously been activating SOTA for many years, spending a lot of time on summits no matter the weather conditions to improve chances for contacts with more chasers (including me), carrying your radio gear abroad and both Iratxe and you have talked in many different forums about amateur radio, encouraging people to know and get closer to our nice hobby.

Thanks a lot for all our previous contacts and I wish many many more in the future.
Good luck on summits and look forward your next milestone.

Muchas gracias for vuestro esfuerzo pareja, y mucha suerte con todos vuestros proyectos!
Un abrazo, 73 de Ignacio

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Congrats man, what a effort you have made!
Hoper to work you sometime.

73’s Jaan

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Well done Alberto always a pleasure to work both you and Iratxe.
93 Contacts since 2011. 73 Don.

Thanks Guru! For us, it is always a pleasure to contact you. Always ready to help. 73 and goodby!

Thank you very much Don. One of the main and faithful SOTA-hunters. You have to forgive us our bad English, hi hi! See you soon.

Thanks to you, Ignacio. A great example to follow. We will continue listening for a long time from anywhere in the world. 73 :slight_smile:

Gracias a ti, Ignacio. Todo un ejemplo a seguir. Nos seguiremos escuchando durante mucho tiempo desde cualquier parte del mundo. Un abrazo, 73

Enhorabuena Alberto. Sois un ejemplo a seguir.

Congratulations Alberto. You are a role model.

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