Thanks from GURU

Thank s’ all of you.

TM2IF activation in memory of our friend GURU is complete.

A big thank you to all; chasers and activators who contributed to these shared activations with:

- 7 Activators ( F6HBI, F6IPR, F6FTB, F5UKL, F5JKK, F5LKW, F5ODQ)
- 10 days of activation
- 1680 QSOs done

73’ Alain F5ODQ


Many thanks to all the activators for putting on TM2IF in memory our great
friend Guru who I had worked many times. 73 Don G0RQL.


Muchas gracias Alain.
Un abrazo José


Alain & team,

Thank you.
You did GREAT JOB.
In this crazy time and a lot of negative things in our environment, remembering Friends is very important.

73, Jarek


Genuinely it brings a tear to my eye. How can one man, so far away from me, evoke such emotion?

Well done everyone a fitting tribute.



I never managed to work him on a summit but we did exchange a QSO when he offered to help me improve my CW skills. He was operating the radio remotely somehow from his home but when I sent him a recording of our QSO he was unhappy with how he sounded. With my limited knowledge it sounded fine to me but he said what was being heard was not right due to delays in the system he was using to operate remotely.

But what an extraordinary man to offer to help a stranger like me.

I had hoped to visit him when I travelled to France and briefly into Spain earlier this year but sadly my trip was planned a few months too late.

He will be greatly missed.


Thanks Jarek,

I often think of GURU, especially during activation on a summit in Navarre on EA2/XXXX
Meeting in Pamplona and sharing an activation together marked me forever.

73’ Alain


thanks to all activators of TM2IF. Congratulations om the excellent idea and thanks for putting this special call on air.
When I was lucky to hear the call on some of your activation, I was delighted to hear again the familiar “IF” ending, just like he was on air again.

Some days ago we just started removing the gear from his home QTH, a sad moment for us, especially when I found several small notebook filled with tons of SOTA qso with his neat and tidy handwriting. He enjoyed much every single qso… Forever in our memory.

A hug to all the team, bravo!
73 de Ignacio


Alain @F5ODQ and Team. Thanks for the activities with TM2IF in memory of Guru EA2IF!

73 Marcel DM3FAM


Thanks for the tireless commemoration at so many summits.
We will always carry Guru in our Sota heart.

73 Chris


I didn’t get to work any of the stations which is a shame but this was a wonderful way of commemorating our friend.

Our friend Guru may sadly be dead but as long as hams are prepared to do like this then his memory will live on for a long time.

Thank you to all involved.