Thanks from G/SE-005

Hi all,

Just to say many thanks to everyone who came back to me from Botley Hill (G/SE-005) this afternoon! 35 QSOs in total, and a very enjoyable time apart from the loss of a glove :-).

364 days since my last activation, so I think the new year’s resolution will have to be to make sure it’s less than that until the next one…

Thanks again,
Rob 2E1EVJ

In reply to 2E1EVJ:
Loss of a glove Rob…snap. Did the wind take it? That was me last Saturday. Replacing it tomorrow at a walking shop in Scarborough - £22.50s worth. Thanks for the QSO today - a very good effort - you were a nice strong signal up in North Yorkshire.


In reply to G4OBK:

I wish it were that exciting, Phil - no idea what happened to it! Took it off to connect everything up and it vanished…

Thanks again for the contact,