Thanks for your patience!

I’ve only come back into radio during the pandemic (and am in the process of applying for my M* callsign). Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten back into the swing of SOTA things, this time from M-land, chasing from my local park when I’m here.

I’ve been calling /QRP due to my reduced power capability (KX3 with 8 x Red 3000mWh batteries from EBL). It seems very hard to find small 12V LiPo/LiFePo batteries in M-land!? :thinking:

Anyway, just a small thank you to @CS7AWH and YR1400VT (@YO5IA?) for hearing my QRP call, and taking their time to get me in their logs, and vice-versa. I appreciate it a lot. I hope to return the courtesy soon.


Hi Bernard (EI8FDB), it was nice to copy you yesterday on my SOTA ref CT/MN-030. I had no dificulties copy you, your signal was 53, so very readable. Congratulations on your QRP station and well come back to Ham Radio.
What was the antenna used yesterday? I used my inverted V dipole.
Hope to find you soon on the summits, 73.