Thanks for the photos and videos

A big thanks to all the folks who post photos, videos and write up reports about their summit visits. While I haven’t activated many summits yet, I’ve only remembered to take photos on one summit. And it was so heavily forested the pic was mainly of my gear. I’ve even activated one summit twice, and forgot the photos both times. And I was holding my smartphone with camera while using it to send spots! Got a picture of the summit on this one, but forgot the station (again).

The views and reports are great viewing/reading, and make the story really enjoyable. Saw my first video post a few days ago (a VE activator’s post) and it was a blast. Never even thought of using a gopro camera or something like that. Do need to add some notes on the spots I’ve activated, especially the one that was on the air for the first time. All the notes I’ve read do help to get an idea of how to find a summit and what to expect once there. Do need to do my part to pass on info.

Again, thanks to all the activator’s that pass on the info, in any form, to the rest of us. I’ll make sure I get better at it, also.


Mike, N4VBV

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Hey Mike -

Great point, and I would hope that folks would use the summit pages to upload stories, reports, access information and all that so that others that might want to follow have a chance to do so - or avoid that summit if it sounds impossible!

I once spent 90 minutes looking for a trailhead for a summit that had been previously activated. The access was actually easy, but several miles by road from where I was looking. This kind of information, plus activation zone details, property status, road condition could help the next SOTA activator! And yes, they are pretty much fun to read.

73, Etienne-K7ATN

Hi Etianne,
I produce a blog entry for every activation I do and post a link to the Summit page, so that indeed others understand how to get to a particular summit as well as including a slideshow or at least pictures of the summit area. I find using a link to a separate blog better than using the (I think) text only report possibility on the summit page. Of course the activation report can be posted with pictures to the reflector and then a link to that post added to the summit page references in the same way as a separate blog for those who don’t have their own web blog site.