Thanks for "LSN USA"

This morning I am chasing EU from home. I was having little luck trying to break into the pile-ups across the Pond with my modest 90 watt station. After making a number of attempts to work John, EI3KA/P, without success, I heard other chasers pause and send “LSN USA”. With that opening I was able to work EI3KA/P on 20M CW.

A tip of the hat and thank you for that courtesy. Stay well & 73! Mike, WB2FUV


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the QSO today from EI/IW-010 Binn Idir an da Log. I’m not sure who the good samaritans were but there was one particularly strong station which grabbed my attention. Thanks to them from me too!

I had quite the pile-up on this one - and nearly all zero beating me so it was difficult to copy anybody at times. The near gale force wind didn’t help. In this situation, you have to respond to the strongest stations first (or the clever ones a few Hertz higher or lower, e.g. Frid, DL1FU or Gerhard, OE6GND). And then you just hope any DX and QRP stations will still be there! (Mariusz, SP9AMH is extremely patient!).

This was the view from the activation zone.

Thanks again. 73, John, EI3KA


Thanks John. Nice photo! 73! Mike

I’ve never heard that, but I’ll LSN for it.

Andy, N4LAG

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