Thanks begin here

Thanks begin here:

Now is a good time for a few words of thanks to the ‘enablers’ and ‘encouragers’ in SOTA:

First, just personally:

To the chasers who have kept me such faithful, friendly company throughout 2007.
To the spotters who unselfishly post the activations so that others can log the points.
To other activators for S2S’s and inspiration.
To Roy G4SSH, chairman of the Scarborough Special Events Group, for continued QSL support, ‘SOTA control’ and the continued use of the club-calls GX0, GS0, GC0OOO/P.
To those who have provided and edited the news so well over the past year(s).
To those who suffer my long reports and the ones that put up with my CW.
To my wife for her tolerance of what must seem a crazy hobby and for her patience when the alarm goes off at 2:30 am.

Now most importantly and I’m sure on behalf of all participants:
‘Thank you SMT.’

Without the SOTA Management Team, past and present, I would not even be sending this message. Life would be all the poorer without the group of friends we have made of one another, the fresh air, stress-relief and fitness we have gained, the development of our amateur radio skills, whether activator or chaser and probably (in my case certainly) improved I.T. skills as well. SOTA’s invention was an inspired idea and when it came I for one, realised I’d been wishing for something like it for years. Importantly, it has helped to secure our otherwise under-threat band-space and attracted newcomers to amateur radio too.

So, a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the SOTA Management Team for unstintingly applying your not inconsiderable skills on our behalf, free of charge; seemingly just for the love of amateur radio and the great outdoors. This to Les G3VQO, Gary G0HJQ, Roger MW0IDX, Jon GM4ZFZ, Tom M1EYP for devising / maintaining complex, colourful and user-friendly I.T. systems, widening the appeal of SOTA by publicizing, rewarding achievement and assisting new countries, plus many other tasks.

Grateful thanks to SOTA founders John G3WGV & Richard G3CWI. All credit for getting the difficult task of marrying a system based on numbers to ‘curvy’ UK geography, as right as it ever can be, via a measured, open, democratic process backed by a documentation system every bit as professional as could be found in any aircraft design office.

One glance at the SOTA database demonstrates the success of your creation and the enjoyment it continues to bring.

To all the above and those I have forgotten to mention ‘cos I’m getting to that age!

A peaceful Christmas and good health for 2008 to all.
BCNU 73, John G4YSS.

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Burning the midnight oil?
Fully agree with your commendation of the SOTA MMT. An outstanding effort by them, freely given, resulting in a very user friendly and efficient system. An inspired creation by the founders, which has certainly made a very positive contribution to lots of activators and chasers (including myself).

Thank you for all your entertaining and innovative summit activations.

Have a nice Christmas,

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Well said John, may I endorse every comment you make (even the one about CW for those who have suffered mine!).

Happy Christmas to one & all, hopefully work some of you at the turn of the Year


Barry GM4TOE

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Bravo! I’ll add my heartfelt thanks to those who created, maintain and work to develop that wonderful institution that is SOTA, and to all those dedicated Activators and Chasers who have embraced the true spirit of the Programme and made it work so well.

Long may it continue!

With best wishes for a good Christmas and a radio-active New Year!

de Paul G4MD

Hear hear John !!


In reply to G4YSS:
hi all

well said john entirely agree with your sentiments .
and i always read your reports with interest .

seasons greetings .

73s alistair gw0vmz

I will also add my voice to the vote of thanks to the Sota MT. Unsung heroes who in my opinion have taken far too much unnecessary flak of late.
Thanks from the majority of the SOTA participants! Our radio hobby would poorer without SOTA and all your efforts.

In reply to GW3BV:

…thanks to the Sota MT. Unsung heroes who in my opinion have
taken far too much unnecessary flak of late.
Hear, hear Quentin…
Thanks and seasons greetings to all (MT, activators, chasers and SWL’s)
73 Marc GØAZS

I like the SOTA- activities very much, thanks to the SOTA- MT!
I wish all the SOTA- activators, -chasers and -SWL’s a peacefull christmas, all the best and good health for 2008! Especially thanks to the cw- activators in 2007 for many fb QSO’s and points!

73’s Gerd - DL 4 FCK
(one of the only cw- chasers)

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May I also add my thanks to the management team and all the founders of SOTA for all their efforts.

Many thanks


will also say a big thank you to the MT
for their great work !!!
and let me enjoy sota !

vy 73 Klaus

In reply to G4YSS:
Well said John. Agree with you all the way. Great job by the MT with one of the best on-line community forum & management systems anywhere.
Seasons greetings to all and guid new year.
73 jim

On behalf of the SOTA Management Team, I would like to express our deep gratitude for the comments expressed in this thread. We have read the full thread, and very much appreciate the kind words.

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.


In reply to M1EYP:

Wishing a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

73 es TNX, de Geoff,G4CPA.