Thank you

Hi all,
es thanks for the calls today on bw-170 es bw-040.i don´t wanted to do sota before my hb0/qrp-activity , but by this wx :wink: i must go out, i tested my homebrew-rig with the t1 tuner with doublet 2x20m and symetric-feeder.after the tuner i spent a homebrew 1:4 Guanella balun on 2 Amidon FT82-43 problems on 30m to 80m.set up the antenna only 5m over the ground to have better signal in low ranges.the dipol must only so high as possible if you wan´t make dx.but 80m was dead today.only make 1 qso with DF2PI on 3558.40m was ok with mni well known chasers and a s2s with G1INK/p and 2E0HJD/p on G/NP-22. and today 30m-cw was the best since weeks.vy loud signals on my antenna all over europe :wink: so give 30m a try in your next activations if 40m is weak.i send a few pictures to flick´r

hope cu agn on the summits…73 Klaus DF2GN

In reply to DF2GN:

Thanks for the 2 SOTA’s on 30m today Klaus. Your new Tx and antenna were really giving great signals into the UK on 10.118 MHz.

Other activators from HA, HB and OE are at last starting to use 30m in addition to 40m. Hopefully the new OK stations will follow shortly and so double their chaser audience.

73 Roy G4SSH