Thank you to all the activators

After being off air for a year due to health problems,both Sara M6NHA and i Tony M3NHA Found that so many of the activators remembered us both.Though so much has changed whilst we’ve been off air…like chasers repeating their call signs several times in the one over calling in to the activators which makes life so hard for the activators and the other chasers…so Sara and I would like to thank the activators for their hard work and their patience in dealing with the gaggle of geese and crocodiles. You all are truly amazing…THANK YOU from us both and God bless you all 73.

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Welcome back!

I was really surprised and pleased to hear Sara from Beacon Hill after all this time (June 2012 is the previous log entry) and glad to catch you both from sw-14 and sw-12 this week.

Very best wishes; maybe speak again today.


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Hi Rod and Vikki,

It was great to make contact with you again Rod, although we couldn’t hear Vikki on 2m. Thank you for remembering us and for your reply to our post, you’re amazing and thank you again for all your hard work in activating the SOTAs.

We will definitely listen out for you later on today and hope we can make contact again. Please be sure you both stay safe and wrap up if you do decide to do an activation this afternoon.

God bless you both,
Tony and Sara M3NHA and M6NHA

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Hi Tony and Sara

Thanks for calling in to my activations of both Rhos Ymryson and Frenni Fawr over the last week or so. I’m looking forward to getting you both in the log once again in the next few days although not sure which summits I’ll be on so not Alerted as yet.

Take care and speak to you soon

73 Allan GW4VPX

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Hi Allan,
Thanks for your response to our post and it was our pleasure to work you on the two summits. It’s you and all the other the activators who do all the hard work putting on the activations!
As we said to Rod, please stay safe and wrap up on the summits. Let’s hope the better weather arrive quickly!
We will listen out for you in the coming days and hope to catch you at the end of our pencil.
Till then,take care and 73,
Tony and Sara M3NHA and M6NHA

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It was good to work you both on 20m yesterday. Looking forward to working you on future summits. 73’s from Belgium!!

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Hi Douglas,

It was great to work you from two summits on 20m yesterday too. Thank you again for doing the activations. Sorry we missed you on the other summit.

We are both looking forward to speaking with you on future summits as well. Until then, take care and 73’s from near Manchester Airport

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One of the great aspects of this hobby is the friends we make, even though we may never get to meet face-to-face

Glad to have you both in the log again, albeit not SOTA yet :slight_smile:


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Hi Tony and Sara,

God bless to you two also & keep calling GX0OOO/P. Always put Sara on as well!
Very glad you are better now! I mentioned it on the air but you had that nasty carrier QRM.

73, John

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In reply to M3NHA:

One of the great aspects of this hobby is the friends we make, even
though we may never get to meet face-to-face


Thank you Andrew and we couldn’t agree more. It’s great to have true friends on the air. It was our pleasure to speak with you again and to have kept you company on many of your previous mobile trips.

We look forward tomaking contact again really soon. Take care out mobile,
73 Tony and Sara, M3NHA and M6NHA

In reply to G4YSS:
Thank you John for your kind wishes and all your activations. We will certainly keeping listening for and calling you.
Unfortunately we seem to have had quite a bit of QRM since we came back on the air but thankfully we have still been able to make the contact.
Hope to speak again very soon, till then take care,
Tony and Sara, M3NHA and M6NHA

Hi Tony and Sara,

nice to have you in the log. thanks for the calls !

greetings, klaus DF2GN

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Hi again Klaus,

It is always a pleasure to work you and the other activators, you’re all real gentlemen and ladies and work hard to put the activations on.

Hope to speak with you again soon,

Sara and Tony M6NHA and M3NHA