Thank you KN6OMN!

I would like to commend the excellent operating skills of Don, KN6OMN.

Yesterday afternoon, while activating Mt. Olympus in Colorado, I found I was having a hard time making contacts on 17M CW (none, actually) so I moved down to 20M CW and slowly started working stations. It was immediately evident that conditions were poor (turned out we had suffered the effects of a solar flare earlier in the day) - but a few of the usual folks were there, although weaker than normal. At one point, after calling CQ SOTA, I heard a strong “KN”…and then nothing. I called CQ SOTA again, and again heard “KN”…and then nothing. But then, very faintly in the background was K4VOR in Alabama calling me. If the signal was any weaker it would have been gone, but it was just barely, barely enough to make the contact. After our 73s, I was then called by KN6OMN. We exchanged the usual info, and at that time I realized that Don must have heard the very weak K4 and stood by for me (twice!) to work him.

Thank you Don for not forcing your way in, but instead showing consideration for the other station, and a ‘professional’ operating courtesy. His method is certainly more efficient than the usual pileup where the activator often has to try over and over to sort out the cacophony of signals.

I’ve been a cw op for 42 years, so I guess I’m becoming an ‘old timer’, and I still like to hold onto those tried and true cw procedures and courtesies that many ops seem to be missing today. They are efficient for a reason, and just good radio practice - just ask the guys at KPH.

Thanks again Don, I hope to work you on the next one!

73 - Dave, N0DET